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Whether you're a casual gamer who loves playing Angry Birds and Farmville, or a hardcore triple-A gamer who plays Overwatch and Battlefield, there is always a place for new Indie games on the market.

These new addictive indie Android games from aspiring game developers and game studios might not have thousands of players, but that doesn't make them any less fun. Today's indie developer might just be the one to come up with the next major title. Let's explore some of these new addictive indie Android games that you can play casually, or seriously, on your Android phone or tablet.

All of the games on this list were created with Unity, from the talented developers of the Unity2D subreddit.

#6: Jungle Jumpers

Jungle Jumpers

Jungle Jumpers is the first release from brand new Mississauga, Ontario-based studio, Wild Cockatiel Games. The website also offers game development tutorials so you can learn to create your own games.

The game itself is straight-forward and easy to pick-up. You play as a cute jungle animal trying to jump up as high as you can go, landing on new platforms. You tilt your device left and right to move (although you can change this in the options menu) and tap on the screen to jump, and again to double jump.

While it starts off fairly easy, levels become progressively harder as you get farther, scaling the difficulty with your skill. Regular platforms start to fall faster, bouncing platforms take less jumps before they fall of the screen, and rotating platforms become trickier to stand on.

As of the game's launch a couple of weeks ago, Jungle Jumpers offers three game modes (Jump, Bounce and Balance) and features 12 playable characters, 11 of which are unlockable. You can buy in-game currency to unlock characters faster, but as they are solely for cosmetic purposes and one offers no gameplay advantage over another, you can just as easily play the game and unlock them over time.

According to the game mode, new game modes and leaderboards are coming soon, so for now - keep jumping!

Google Play

#5: Blobout

Blobout is the first game to be released by KIDE Entertainment, based in Helsinki, Finland.

This game is advertised as "easy to pick up, hard to master," and that couldn't be more accurate. The controls are super simple. All you have to do is tap on your screen to make your blob jump off the wall, in an angle upwards. Tapping a second time makes the blob jump back to the same wall. Do this over and over to climb as high as you can while dodging obstacles.

Now about those obstacles...

While it might sound simple, Blobout throws randomly generated challenge after challenge at the player. You will have to dodge electric wall panels, buzzing saws, cannons, laser grids, swinging ball and chains and more to survive. Making just a single mistake means instant death. Blobout is completely unforgiving and that's what makes it such a fun addictive indie Android game.

In addition to the mechanics, you can also use in-game currency to customize your blob to your heart's desire. Like Jungle Jumpers, this is for cosmetic purposes only so you don't feel pressured into buying anything if you'd rather just earn your coins through gameplay.

Google Play

#4: Squitoes in the Shower

Squitoes in the Shower

From developer, Pocket Sand Studios, comes a buzzingly entertaining game called Squitoes in the Shower. This might very well be the one time you DON'T want a mosquito to die, because it would mean game over.

In this addictive indie Android game, take control of one of several mosquitoes and navigate through a shower, brimming with dangerous falling water droplets and green gas bubbles. Hold your finger on the screen to control the direction your squitoe moves and take caution to avoid colliding into any of the dangerous obstacles.

To make your life easier, your squitoe can also collect several powerups which will help her navigate the shower with more ease. Food makes your squitoe grow bigger and gain additional health, scuba gear lets her temporarily move through water droplets, a gas mask lets her safely go through green gas, and pilot's headgear allows her to fly faster.

You can unlock different skins for your squitoes as you play, making the fun last for even longer.

Google Play
iOS Store

#3: Fill the Gap

Fill the Gap is a fresh release from a group of developers called C.M.Programmers

The game offers a creative and unique style of play, where you inflate different shapes to fill up as much of the screen space as possible. It's more difficult than it sounds, as there is a red ball called the "sterminator" bouncing around, which will pop your shapes if it hits them. In order to prevent this, you must decide when to stop inflating your shapes. Stopping them from inflating prevents you from gaining any more points, but if your shape pops, you won't earn any points at all.

It's sort of like Tetris, only without lines or shapes clearing off the screen if they match up. In order to get the most points you must carefully decide when and where to place your shapes. Playing better earns you a higher rank, but it will be an extremely challenging task.

For the puzzle gamer, this is one indie android game you will love.

Google Play

#2: Ya Herd?

Ya Herd?

We heard ya like to herd sheep, and if that's true, then Ya Herd? is the game for you. This is the first game from developer Wych Way Studios.

In this simple infinite scroller, take on a running herd of sheep as you tap the screen to make them dodge obstacles blocking them from running to... somewhere. As the game progresses, the sheep run faster and it becomes harder and harder to dodge.

In terms of gameplay, this is probably the most simple game to learn, play and understand out of all the ones on the list. It also has a musical score to accompany it which is just hilariously perfect.

Have fun and herd faster!

Google Play

#1: Tumbly Beasts

Tumbly Beasts

In Tumbly Beasts, by New Zealand developer Thunder Storm Games, you smash and thrash your way downwards.

Tap on the screen to change the running direction of your tumbly beasts and hold the screen to SMASH downwards. Break through barrels which will give you various powerups and collect coins to unlock new beasts.

This game offers endless scroller fun and it becomes increasingly more difficult the longer you survive. If you can smash through more platforms, your score multiplier will increase, yielding you higher and higher numbers. Try to see how low you can go and how high you can climb with your score.

As you earn more coins you can also unlock new characters, which again, like the other games on this list, is for cosmetic benefit only.

Google Play

Hopefully these addicitve indie Android games will keep you entertained for a while! Enjoy, and help these indie developers out by leaving them Google Play reviews and feedback on their games.

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If you've ever built a website for yourself, for a friend or for a client, you probably know that Google Image Search is the #1 place on the web to NOT get your stock photos from.


It's almost guaranteed that most of the photos you see on Google Image Search are copyrighted. Even worse, it's heavily rumoured that stock image companies will 'release' their own copyrighted images onto various websites, just waiting for poor unsuspecting victims to pick them up and reuse them for their own purposes. Once that happens, stock photo companies will bully the victim into two options - either pay a hefty fine or face the wrath of a lawsuit. It's even been suggested that some stock photo websites make the majority of their revenue through this devious method, rather than focusing on legitimate sales.

Fortunately, there are ways to get high quality free stock photos for your website, completely legitimately and at no cost to yourself.

If you do want to use Google Image Search, restrict its purposes exclusively to simply viewing, finding new desktop wallpapers for yourself or conducting research.

In the meantime, here are 10 fantastic websites to get free stock photos.

#10: Pixabay

free stock photos
Pixabay is one of my favourite go-to resources for amazing stock image quality photos. They have a huge library suitable for a variety of projects and they are all Creative Commons. This means you can use them however you like, and no attribution is required.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required

#9: MorgueFile

free stock photos
Every bit as good as Pixabay is MorgueFile. This fantastic resource for free stock photos is often the second place I'll look and again boasts a huge collection of photos. Once more, no attribution is necessary.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required

#8 PicJumbo

free stock photos
PicJumbo boasts a huge collection of free stock photos on a wide variety of subjects including nature, tech, people, and just about everything in-between. If you haven't found what you're looking for on either of the previous two sites, you just might find it here. 

You can also sign up to get free stock photos delivered straight to your inbox or pay $7.99/month for a premium subscription which offers even better photos. Neither are necessary to use the site on its own though.

Ironically, the site was created in 2013 by photographer Viktor Hanacek who was told the quality of his photo's 'wasn't good enough.' Looks like Viktor got the last laugh after all.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required
free stock photos
If you're looking for free stock photos with a slightly more artistic feel then look no further than Gratisography. Created by Ryan McGuire, these photos are stunningly high quality and once again, completely free to use with no attribution required.

Ryan does accept donations on his website though, and for the work he does, is honestly quite deserving of them.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required
free stock photos
Coming in at #6 we have FreeImages with their vast collection of free stock photos. While you have a lot of choices here, just be careful that you're not clicking on any of the grouped "Sponsored Images" from Getty or other paid sites, which can be a bit difficult to distinguish. 

Also, pay attention to the licensing for individual photos. Photos with the FreeImages Content License are generally okay to use in most formats, but if you're in doubt about something, it's better to avoid.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required, but check license requirements for individual photos
- Downloading in different sizes requires a free account
free stock photos
If you're looking for photos of city and other landscapes in an artistic format, Unsplash is a great resource. The site isn't limited to just photos of that nature but there are certainly a lot of them.

More good news, the site is easy to use, boasts a beautiful and minimalist design, is ad free, and has no confusing 'sponsored images' mixed in. The images can be used in any way with no attribution requirements.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required
free stock photos
With plenty of extremely high-quality free stock photos, GetRefe is an ideal website. The have a large collection of landscape and architectural photos, not to mention business, food, travel and other categories. In addition to free photos, they also have paid collection packs at reasonable prices.

The only downside is that even to download free photos, you do need to provide some basic information like your name and an email address and possibly set-up an account. Honestly, it's fast and worth the bit of extra effort.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required
- Requires a free account in order to download

#3 IM Free

free stock photos

Let's not kid ourselves, finding great free stock photo quality business photographs can be an extremely daunting task. IM Free makes it not so daunting. In addition to business photographs, they also offer incredible quality images in a wide variety of categories.

The downside is that attribution is required, so if that's a deal-breaker for you then skip this one.

- Can be searched
- Attribution is required

#2 Picography

free stock photos
On the upside, the images on Picography have amazing quality and there are plenty of pictures of animals, landscapes and architecture. They are all free to use with no attribution requirements. On the downside, it's a fairly small collection. The entire site only has 6 pages with 132 photos total. It doesn't appear as if any new photos have been added in a long time either.

- Can be searched
- No attribution required

#1 Flickr's Creative Commons

free stock photos
When it comes to a large well-known website, it gets hard to beat Flickr. With tons of photographers contributing to its massive collection, you're practically guaranteed to find photos here on pretty much any subject you can fathom.

Please keep in mind that not all the photos here are free to use. You must pay attention to the license requirements for each individual photograph. Fortunately, you can also search by license type, so it's easy enough to find photos usable in whatever project you're working on. If you don't want to pay attribution, then restrict yourself to the public domain category only.

- Can be searched
- Attribution may or may not be required
- Pay attention to license type before you use a photograph

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Little Curses
In a recent AskReddit thread, users were asked "What little curse could you put on someone that would eventually drive them insane?" The answers might just prove that some people want to watch the world burn, or at least have the bejeezus annoyed out of it.

Yes, if you had one of these minor little curses put on you then you would probably lose your mind too.

1) "0.5s delay on all of their touch screen devices"
- Huomenna

2) "The sound is always off by a second every time they watch TV."

3) "Better yet, a 1-second delay on ALL sound they hear. Including conversations."
- wuop

4) "That one sock is always turned just enough to be slightly uncomfortable no matter how many times they adjust it"
- littlescatterbrain

5) "Every time they type a password or PIN in, they get it wrong the first two times."
- flosiraptor

6) "What about making them create a new, 15 character password every time they log in?"
- cashcow1

7) "Have them always forget one thing at home after they leave the house but have them realize it 10 minutes after leaving"
- Zoidfarbb

8) "They would constantly hallucinate red squiggly lines under correctly-spelled words while they type."
- Oima_Snoypa

9) "A constant itch in their toe nails. Or crumbs in their bed that can't be removed"
- Scentaurus

10) "Every time they say something the person they are speaking to can't hear them the first time so they have to repeat what was said."
- humaanahmmm

11) "Every time they tried to walk around a corner at night or through a doorway, they'd walk into a spiderweb."
- RobLowesVoice

12) "Making one chair leg always slightly smaller than the rest"
- Shlick99

13) "Never being able to getting rid of the popcorn shells stuck in their gum."
- amodia_x

14) "The inability to sneeze"
- kamjay

15) "No matter how hard they try, no matter where they go, the water to their shower/bath/kitchen sink will never get hotter than kind of warm. That slightly above lukewarm warm that won't leave you freezing but invites that cold breeze in the shower and makes you yearn for hotter water. But you will never get it. Never."
- inksmudgedhands

16) "Socks are always juuuuust a tiny bit damp."
- Starsy

17) "Every time they go through a stoplight, whether it's driving, taking the bus or crossing the road, the light is always red."
- professorMaDLib

18) "Every download, streaming video, gif or image never actually fully loads. 10% of it is missing every time."
- NotALickofSense

19) "they can get a date with any person in the world. they can not, however, get a second date. no matter what."
- pepg

20) "The gas tank always being on a random side of the car."
- indymash

21) "The batteries in their smoke detectors are always low.. not dead.. but low so that every 5 minutes or so there's that one beep in the background that gradually drives them crazy."
- christyanity

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Cockatoo Ownership
Today in the /r/AnimalsAreJerks subreddit, a self-proclaimed veteran cockatoo owner who goes by the username Spookymomma, shared her experience about what owning one or more of these glorious birds is like.

For anyone out there who also owns a cockatoo, you may be in perfect agreement. For anyone out there who's never owned one before, maybe this is what it will take to convince you to give cockatoo ownership a try...

Or perhaps avoid it like your life depends on it.

A Veteran Cockatoo Owner Sums up Cockatoo Ownership Perfectly

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness Stories
Disclaimer: This article does contain some strong language so consider yourself warned if you're offended by that sort of thing.

Reddit is always an interesting place full of stories, facts and information from people around the globe. Recently, one particular thread asked reddit users who claim to have either been abducted by aliens, or witnessed a UFO, to come forth with their story.

The thread in question was also marked with a [serious] tag, meaning that joke posts are not tolerated.

The discussion took off with some very interesting recounts. In this post, you'll find excerpts of some of the best ones.

Are they real or works of creative fiction? Read on and decide for yourself.

If you are interested in more stories of allegedly real alien abductions, I recommend checking out The Threat by David Jacobs.

10) A missing time recount

Read just about any alien abduction story and one common link you'll find is that abductees report experiencing 'missing time'. In other words, hours will inexplicably pass in seconds, with the abductees having no knowledge of what happened in-between. That's exactly what happened to Annihilating_Tomato.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

9) The floating ball in the sky seen by multiple witnesses

Saying that you spotted a strange glowing object in the sky is an easy enough claim to make. What adds extra authenticity is when other people who don't know each other can make the exact same claim. A number of different redditors shared an eerily similar story.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

8) The weird lights in the sky captured on video

Stories are nice, but when you can back them up with video evidence things really start to become more interesting. Disposableufo shares what he witnessed. The YouTube video is embedded below for you to check out.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

7) Multiple sightings and encounters by effinmike12

There's quite a bit of reading below so hopefully you're prepared to stick around for a while.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

6) A possible night-time alien abduction

Experiencing vivid dreams, discovering bruises on your body upon waking up and finding objects out of place in your house are all common links with people who report having been abducted by aliens, as they sleep. Redditor baconlr2002 has such a story.

5) A UFO seen really really close up

Reports of strange glowing objects far away in the sky are common, and more often than not, are identifiable as aeroplanes or other recognized man made objects. Things start getting stranger when you report seeing them as close as 30 feet away from you.

4) The strange looking creature that escaped

This one might not an encounter of an alien or a UFO, but nevertheless, masterraptorexploder saw something extremely creepy.

When another redditor asked masterraptorexploder if he could draw it, masterraptorexploder replied that he couldn't draw it that well, but it sort of looked like this Tikbalang, but without the claws, and it had a face that was much darker and creepier.

Even more unsettling was that another user also claims to have seen this thing.

Probably not the sort of creature you'd want to run across in the middle of the night, or day for that matter.

3) The boy who went missing for half a year

Quite possibly the strangest story to come out of this entire thread was the one about Gabriel, the Ethiopian boy who vanished into thin air and was missing for six months. When he finally returned he... well, go on and read for yourself.

It might be a little bit tricky to find any press relating to this particular incident. According to robert3131 who posted the story, there was a military coup in Ethiopia after 1969 and most likely a lot of news articles would have been lost. If you do happen to have something, please leave a comment on this article with a link.

2) An encounter with the Men in Black

If you've ever done any reading or digging into UFO folklore, you probably already know that the real Men in Black are potentially the most terrifying entities that allegedly exist. Stories of encounters with them are difficult to find, and that might be for good reason. The few stories that do exist certainly give you reason to believe that if you had an encounter with them, you wouldn't be highly inclined to talk about them either.

Fortunately, Uberob was willing to share and we are extremely thankful he did.

Below is the embedded imgur album from the above post and here is a link to the Wikipedia article in the image above.

View post on imgur.com

1) The black cube UFO sighting

A little while ago, a redditor aptly named IHAVESEEN saw something bizarre - a black cube UFO. He even detailed a sketch of what he witnessed.

Other users reported having seen similar black cube UFOs too. When asked to elaborate, IHAVESEEN stated that it was probably 500 feet up, beneath the clouds. It didn't cast any lights or shadows, it just left a vapor trail.

Whether or not you believe any of these stories is your call. Regardless, they certainly do make for some interesting reading. Have you ever seen a UFO or had something happen to you that you couldn't explain? Leave a comment and let us know.

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23 Movies that Completely Change When -ing Gets Added to the Ending
On a recent AskReddit thread, users were asked, "Add "ing" to the end of a movie title, what is the movie about now?". The results were both hilarious and creative. Take a read through below at some of the highlights or check out the original thread for your daily dose of chuckles.


This would probably actually make a great movie.


And it ends with him having an epiphany about his outlook on life.


And you thought selling your place was a challenge.


When figure skating rivalries become all too real.


You'll never look at kindergarten the same way again.


Living the life of a secret British intelligence agent starts to take its toll on you after a while.


Sterling Archer would probably be a member.


Also accompanied by a 90's remake of Das Rebooting.


The Matrixing - Keanu solves a lot of difficult math problems.


Better or worse than watching paint drying?


The next horror classic.


Only available for viewing on very specific websites.


A true story inspired by real events. Boring events, but real events.


Just when you thought telemarketers couldn't get any worse.


A new coming of age tale.


This would probably actually make a decent movie.


This actually sounds a bit like a Seth Rogan film waiting to happen.


Just imagine having all the cringiest moments of your life come back to you at the same time.


It's never too early to start drinking if you just say you're still drinking from last night.


Maybe this list should actually be 25 movies that completely change when -ing gets added to the ending?


Coming exclusively to a porn website near you.


You just know this was happening somewhere at Hogwarts.


Awkward humour can makee for the best humour.

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