Useless Websites

Every day we come across tons of really useful websites that that are either funny, helpful, or valuable in some way shape or form. Is it not only fair to pay some attention to the websites that fall on the other side of the spectrum and are so useless that they serve no purpose, whatsoever?... No? Well, let us go ahead and take a look anyway at 10 absolutely useless websites anyway because, why not?

10. Falling Falling

Minor epilepsy warning: This website, which falls beyond anyone's comprehension displays an arrangement of falling colours and a rather weird and annoying sound. While in its own way it could be considered strangely hypnotic to watch, it really does not have any purpose. It is as they say, pretty useless.

Useless Websites
Watch them fall!!!... Yay?

9. A Blue Box

That is it. That is the whole website. There is really nothing more to say. Have fun, I guess.

8. Move Now Think Later

This is the most useful website out of the list so far, which is quite sad considering that all it is, is a fast moving game of checkers. In fact, the game moves so fast that one might say... you could watch it move now and then think about it later! Well, go ahead and study it and perhaps you will learn a new checkers strategy, or not.

Useless Websites
It's like watching a checkers master at work but even more dull.

7. The Aggressive Password Machines

This useless website might have some potential use in estimating the strength of your password but there is a good chance it will hurt your feelings along the way. "Imagine your in-laws are helping you with a password... this is what they'd say." It seems like the owner of this website has some pretty cruel in-laws.

6. RGB

This is the perfect website to help you study for your third grade science class. In case you ever forget what the primary colours are, let me tell you that they are red-green-blue. I know this because this perfectly useless website helped me remember... and now none of us will ever forget again.

You are half way through the top 10 list of absolutely useless websites that serve no purpose, whatsoever. I have but one question for you:

Useless Websites

5. Licking Dog

I do not even know what to call this useless website but I am going to be honest, I kind of like it. But only because I love dogs. At least your computer monitor will be cleaner, sort of.

Useless Websites
I'm gonna lick your screen clean, good!

4. Bury Me With My Money

A guy falls and says "bury me with my money" and then another guy falls and does the same thing. Rinse and repeat. If you leave this on for a while, how many guys will end up falling? If anyone wants to leave the useless website active and let us know please feel free. The only thing that is more frightening than this website is the mystery of how it got 48,000 Facebook likes.

3. Ducks Are the Best

Minor epilepsy warning: Some people clearly like ducks so much that they had to develop an entire website devoted to them. Although, there are probably far better ways that they could have expressed their vast love for ducks than this. Whatever... this useless website is.

Useless Websites
Oh the humanity!... I mean, duckmanity!

2. Koalas to the Max

This is probably the most entertaining and useless website on this entire list. Every time you hover your mouse over one of the circles it splits into four smaller circles. Keep splitting them up until well... you will see!

Useless Websites
There is some dotty business going on here.

1. Bees! Bees! Bees!

I am saving this one for last because it actually made me laugh a little bit. Does that mean that this website is not so useless that it does not serve any purpose whatsoever? Perhaps and perhaps not, either way - Bees! Bees Bees!

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