If you are reading this post right before you go to bed, then perhaps you might want to bookmark it and save it until the morning because these are 10 alien sightings that will keep you up at night if you spend too much time thinking about them. Are they real, you might ask? Many people believe them to be. As with any UFO, alien sightings or any type of paranormal activity, one cannot say for sure whether it is real. All that can be said is whether it is "debunked" or remains "unexplained." Through writing this article I have done my best to research and only choose photos and videos of alien sightings that fall into the latter category.

10. Alaska Skulker Alien

Alien Sightings

Alien Sightings
Enhanced close-up of the alien.
One day, two men in Alaska were out and about on their snowmobiles, busy occupying themselves by taking pictures of the beautiful Alaskan landscapes, hence the high quality photograph. Upon examining their pictures, they noticed something that was just a little bit out of the ordinary in one of them. They believed that they had spotted either a man or a Sasquatch within the background of one of their images.

What they discovered upon closer examination was far creepier. There appeared to be a real, live and authentic alien just hanging out in the background of the picture. What was it doing? Was it playing hide and seek, waiting for its ship to arrive or taking mental photographs of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness? The encounter might have been random but if it is real, then it may very well be some of the best photographic evidence of real aliens on Earth that exists.

9. Martian Mysteries

10 Alien Sightings That Will Keep You up at Night

We are still learning a lot about the red planet. It has rocks, potential signs of water, questionable bacteria life within that water and of course, mysterious photographs of aliens and alien activity right on the planet's rocky surface. This photograph taken by the Spirit Rover has been circulating the Internet for some time and although there is no reason to definitively believe that it is anything less than an oddly shaped rock, it tends to put your mind into "investigation" mode. In fact, besides this photo there have also been other signs of evidence for life that exists on the planet's surface in the form of Martian lizards, rats, alien faces and alien heads.

The strangest encounter on Mars to date might have been the case of the mystery rock that suddenly "appeared" in front of the Curiosity rover back in January of 2014. When NASA apparently took little interest in the anomaly, one man filed a lawsuit against the space agency for failing to properly investigate alien life.

8. Parque Forestal (Chile) Alien Runner

Alien Sightings
Back in 2004, a Civil Engineer by the name of Germán Pereira was taking a few snapshots of the state police on horseback in Chile. After downloading the photos and examining one of them, close up on camera, he noticed something a little bit strange. There appeared to be a small figure that was making a quick dash between the two officers. Although the picture was blurry, whatever the strange figure was appeared to not be human.

In his report, Pereira stated that this was one of 10 photographs he had taken that day. Due to the fact that it was a cloudy day, he had adjusted his digital camera to a low speed, which is the reason why the photo was showing "motion." Given that the officers were about 20 meters away, he had zoomed in at a 10x optical distance, which unfortunately added to the photograph's blurriness. Despite this, Pereira maintains that he is not a hoaxer and the photograph is authentic.

7. Grey Alien Sightings

This spooky set of alien sightings might be among some of the photos that are widely regarded as being the most real and the most likely as the ones that will keep you up at night. There is little information as to their origins but here is what is known: they were taken in Mexico at some point by a brave individual who snapped them.

It has also been said that the photos were taken by a farmer who woke up one night to find a strange glow coming from his barn. In case there was foul play or vandalism taking place, he grabbed his camera so he would have photo evidence for the police if he needed to claim insurance. As to what he found, well, you can see for yourself in the pictures up above.

6. Strange Creature in the Forest

In terms of alien sightings video evidence, the above clip might just be some of the most compelling stuff that exists. Two men were walking through the Catalonian forest in 2006 at night, during a camping trip with their families. What they were expecting to see might have been some of the ground's local wild-life, what they never expected to run into was something utterly terrifying.

The one thing that perhaps makes this video stand out as more real is the reaction of the people who caught it on film. Fear is an incredibly difficult emotion to fake, which is a prime reason why hoax videos are often called out at being unauthentic. The fearful reactions of these campers suggest that the emotion is either real or these guys are extremely good actors.

5. The Solway Spaceman

Alien Sightings

During a picnic with her father in 1964, Elizabeth Templeton's father, Jim Templeton, snapped a picture of his daughter in a field that was completely deserted, other than the two of them. If the field was deserted though, then why was there a strange looking figure in what appears to be a space suit standing behind the little girl? Templeton's father recalls that the air had an "electrical feel" to it that day.

Jim Templeton died in 2011 but as late as December 13, 2002 he still maintained that the photograph is authentic and he is as bemused as anyone as to how the Solway spaceman found its way into the picture.

Conspiracy theories as to what the spaceman is range from it being an elaborate hoax, to the Men in Black, to a doll and even to a beekeeper. Of course, it could be an alien, time traveller or perhaps a being from a parallel dimension as well. Maybe we will never know for sure but regardless, the photo has never been conclusively debunked.

4. Trekhgorny Alien Sighting

Alien Sightings
After the Trekhgorny UFO sighting, this photo of an alleged alien popped up on the Internet. The images came from a cell phone of an individual who managed to capture the incident. It was a lucky save because Russian authorities had otherwise confiscated all witnesses cell phones that may have contained any reference to the event. Whoever the person was that snapped this shot, was very fortunate indeed to keep it and put it online.

Apparently, about 50 seconds of low-quality cell phone video footage was also taken that shows the alien being captured, however, YouTube accounts that seem to have once hosted this video appear to have been terminated. If you do happen to be in possession of it or come across it, please inform us on our Facebook page so we can update this post or leave a link to it in the comments.

The alleged footage shows the alien being captured in the garden area before it was removed by a military unit. It was put into a vertical, metal container with two tubes on either side that likely contained some type of gas. It was then loaded onto a laundry van, instead of a military truck and taken away. If this alien exists today, its whereabouts are currently unknown.

3. Walk Walks

Referred to by some as the "Walk Walks," there have been several sightings of these strange, slow-moving creatures. In the above video, a paranormal investigation show called Fact or Faked detailed a particular case of a family who set up a security camera to find out what their dogs were barking at during the night. While they suspected kids or animals, they most likely were not expecting a slow-moving alien (or probably not even a fast one). Later in the episode, the investigators chase the being and find two thin trails leading into a pond or lake.

This is not the only case of the Walk Walks, check out the clip below.

2. Strange Creature in Woods

In this video, there is something quite bright in the background that is keeping the deer's attention. As the video's uploader notes:

"If any of you guys know how to hunt, then you would know that a normal whitetail deer would run off at the sight and sound of a human, and the deer keep looking at the being and go right back to eating."

While I have been unable to find a reputable source to explicitly call this out as a fake, there are some comments that lend reason that this particular video is not anything out of the ordinary. Some people say that it is nothing more than a man with a flashlight or a vehicle. Yet, deer are skitterish creatures so one would assume that they would take off, rather than stare at the source of a mysterious light. The other thing that seems odd is, are the deer frozen in place for the first 11 seconds of the video due to editing or out of fear and curiosity?

1. Men in Black

Alien Sightings
Perhaps the most terrifying alien sightings of all time are the mysterious cases of the Men in Black. We are not talking about Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but the real Men in Black whose very presence is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine.

One day in the year 1978, a man by the name of Dr. Hopkins had been studying UFOs when he received a phone call from a man who wished to speak with him and claimed to be from a UFO organization. After agreeing to talk, the man was immediately at his door. Hopkins described the "man's" appearance as being completely bald, having no eyebrows and no lips. The way he spoke and behaved was unusual, completely monotone and he went on to tell Hopkins to destroy all of his research.

While cases involving the Men in Black are few and far between, the ones that do occasionally crop up are intriguing. They often describe the MIB as being dangerous and not seeming human. People who allegedly have run across real UFO and alien cases often find themselves being visited and intimidated into secrecy. One year ago, a sighting of a Man in Black was captured on security camera and if real, it is some of the very little photographic/video evidence that exists of these beings today.

Whether or not the MIB are aliens or only very creepy government agents, any sighting of them would certainly be something that will keep you up at night.

By Jonathan Holowka

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