5 Apps That No One Knows About and Are Awesome

A recent and pretty awesome "Ask Reddit" thread posed the question, "what's your favourite app that no one knows about?" The apps that were suggested by people well, rock. Maybe some of these apps you already know about but chances are that at least some of them you haven not heard of before. Either way, these are some pretty awesome app suggestions and are definitely worth checking out.

1. Sleep Talk Recorder

Suggested by thurmco, this app is perfect for the late night sleeptalker who wants to record what they are saying but avoid getting all the empty noises that would otherwise take up most of the recording. Available for both Android, and iOS.

"As a consistent, loud, vocal sleeptalker this is perfect for me, turn it on right before bed and when it picks up any audio that exceeds the volume you calibrate it at, it begins recording. You can then go through the little snippets your recorder picked up in the morning. The audio is very good quality."

Another Redditor, nicktanisok asked "Have you ever heard a voice that was not yours?"

I guess there is a potential downside to using this app, after all.

2. SpaceTeam

Suggested by kieranichiban, this app is a multiplayer game you can play with your friends where you command spaceships and try to complete tasks that are assigned by your comrades. Available for both Android and iOS.

"You and up the three of your friends have to work together to keep you space ship flying. Each player has a different set of controls on their screen and you have to shout out different commands for the other players to complete. It is 1000 times better after a million beers."

3. CamScanner

Suggested by Whoodathunk, this app converts pictures of you into PDF's. Available for both Android and iOS.

"It converts pictures you take with you camera into PDFs. Saved my bacon a couple of times when I didn't have a scanner around. Even gets rid of some shadows and can deal with angles."

4. Rando

Suggested by sil8r, you take a picture of anything and it then gets sent to a random user who is also using this app. In exchange, you get a random picture sent to you. While the focus of this app is not explicit content, user beware. Available for both Android and iOS.

"The only shared info is approximate location so you can see where your picture went, and where the picture you received is from. If you use this app, please send interesting pictures, and not of your computer screen or your bland bedroom wall. Go outside and share what your piece of the world looks like."

5. Zombie, Run!

For The Walking Dead fans, this awesome app, suggested by Sephryne that know no-one knows about might just take up the rest of your day. This is sort of a virtual reality app that puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and makes you fear for your life. Available for both Android and iOS.

"It uses your Google Maps and adds little zombies around you. So you have to walk around them in real life or get eaten on the game. It's a lot of fun if you can get friends into it too!"

BONUS: 6. FastCustomer: Fast customer service

Because this one is just too good to pass up, it HAS to be included. Suggested by dankchunkybutt, this app will ensure you never have to wait on hold for the next available agent ever again. Available for both Android and iOS.

"no more waiting on hold. The app calls the company, navigates the tree, waits on hold and calls you when the other line picks up."

Hopefully you have found at least one awesome app that you and no-one ever knew about before in this top 5 (or top 6) list and can put it to good use. Have fun!

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