Educational Browser Games
Are you ready to take a look at attempt these 5 surprisingly fun educational games that you can play in your browser? Not only will these help you kill some time but you might also learn something cool while you are at it. From vocabulary, to geography, to thinking strategically; these 5 educational browser games are worth giving a shot.

Number Five: Z-Type

Educational Browser Games
This educational browser game called Z-Type teaches you how to type. If you can already type well, then it teaches you how to type even faster. With surprisingly good graphics and a fun, interactive game-play style, this will keep you busy for a decent amount of time.

The concept is simple and similar to the old arcade game, Space Invaders. A bunch of enemy ships are coming to attack you from the top of the screen. Each ship has a "name," which is the word that you have to type in order to destroy it. Every time you type one of the letters, your ship on the bottom fires a laser. Bigger ships mean longer words.

After you defeat one wave, the next one appears and begins to attack faster and more furious than the previous. This game adds a style of competition to the already-existing learning experience. It is one of 5 fantastic and surprisingly fun educational browser games that are great for both kids and adults alike.

I got to wave 34 before I lost. Think you can beat that?

Number Four: Cities of the World

Educational Browser Games
Here is another simple game to play that can help teach you about geography by asking you guess the cities of the world. The game will provide you with a city and a country name from anywhere in the world. Simply click on the map where you think that city is located and you will plant a flag there. The game will then show you where that city is actually located and how far off your guess was. The faster and more accurately you answer, the more points you will get.

If you feel out of touch with your geography skills, this educational browser game is a fantastic way to get into shape.

Number Three: Countries of the World

5 Educational Browser Games That Are Surprisingly Fun

This educational browser game called Countries of the World is sort of similar to the previous game, but played in a completely different style. The game asks you to type out as many country names as you possibly can within 10 minutes. The only hitch with this game is that you have to know how to spell the country name correctly or else it will not work. Then again, that is just part of the game.

Number Two: Chat Noir

Educational Browser Games

This french game called Chat Noir (or Black Cat in English) teaches logic and strategic thinking skills by simply asking you to trap the cat before it manages to escape out of its confines. You play by clicking on one of the light green squares, which then makes that square impassible. The cat then plays its turn by moving one tile in any direction in order to escape. By failing to think ahead and not using the existing black squares as support, beating this game will be a very difficult task.

In terms of educational browser games, this one might just be the most frustrating or the easiest depending on how logical your mind is.

Number One: Frog Fractions

Educational Browser Games
You are a frog and you are eating bugs, that is all you need to know.

Okay, well here is a bit more info anyway. In most video games, the scoring system is pretty simple. You perform an action and you gain points in the form of whole numbers. Here, you gain points in the form of fractions. In Frog Fractions, one of the most educational browser games in this list, you protect your fruit by eating the invading bugs with your tongue. As the fruit is saved, more gets added to your collection, which you can then use to purchase various upgrades with.

This game also has a "bonus" mode that is very similar to game number one on this list and helps teach typing as well. As you continue to play, the game becomes increasingly more complex and introduces a variety of new locations and game-play elements and styles. You will just have to play it to find out what these are!

All together, these 5 educational browser games are each surprisingly fun in their own way and are great to play regardless of your age. Nobody is ever too old to learn.

By Jonathan Holowka

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