Video Game Music Covers
From the shores of Lake Hyrule all the way to the Mushroom Kingdom and back again, the internet is filled with unusual and cool covers of musical pieces, not least of all, including many songs from video games. While it is may not be difficult to find a piano or guitar cover of your favourite musical score, there are some covers out there that are slightly more unusual than the rest for one reason or another.

Well, if you are up for something a little bit more different today, then here are five video game music covers that have that little something, which makes them both unusual and cool. More so than what you might normally expect.

5. Gerudo Valley on the Marimba

Arguably, one of the most popular video game songs that gets covered is Gerudo Valley from the Nintendo 64 game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While there are tons of different remixes out there, the one type you typically would not expect to run across is the song being played on the marimba. As the top YouTube commenter pointed out:

"Imagine this phone call:
Dude 1 - 'Hey man, wanna come over and play Gerudo Valley with me? I've got the marimba set up!'
Dude 2 - 'Sure, Ocarina of Time is my favouri-... wait what?'"

4. Banjo-Kazooie Orchestra on Piano

Banjo-Kazooie was a fun game with its own cult following, again for the Nintendo 64. Among many of the reasons the game stood out, was its comical musical score. Many of the pieces were similar in nature and built off of the same key signature and rhythm, but they all spanned wonderfully across the entire game, taking on a variety of different feels to match the environment.

One of the songs players most commonly heard was Gruntilda's Lair, which would literally transform as you were listening to it, depending on the zone you walked into. This YouTube cover, uses one player and one piano to cover all of the different instruments in the base version of the song.

3. Super Mario Duel

You do not often mix the guitar, banjo and accordion together to play Super Mario but when you do, the results are pretty cool to say the least. Similar to the last video game music cover, most of the instruments here are played by the same person, who did the banjo, accordion and acoustic guitar. The other instruments were played by someone else. It goes to show that even a more unusual instrument such as the accordion can blend in quite well when used correctly.

2. Tetris on Violin and Guitar

Lindsey Stirling is not the only who can rock the violin to play video game music covers. In a musical style that sort of sounds like it might belong at a Spanish fiesta or even a Jewish wedding, this Tetris cover is certainly enjoyable to listen to. For the sheer elegance of using a violin to play video game music in tandem with any other instrument, this video game music cover makes it onto the list.

1. Gerudo Valley on Old Floppy Drives

In terms of unusual video game music covers on this list, this video takes the cake. Yes, it is the same song as the one listed in number five but both the strangeness and coolness of how it turned out makes this impossible to pass up. Say what you will about floppy drives not making a comeback, but if this video tells us anything it is that floppy drives might just have what it takes to go up on stage as musical performers, if not back into computers.

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