Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Do you have a dual monitor setup and would you like to add wallpaper collections that span across both screens, rather than repeating the same identical image on both monitors? Here is a massive collection of free dual monitor wallpaper that you can download and use on your computer. Also provided, are instructions on how to get it working on a Windows 7 operating system. Please note that What to Do When Bored is not responsible for creating any of these wallpapers or albums. We are simply directing you to where you can go to get them.

Album Number One | 140+ images | 3840x1080

Album Number Two | 50+ images. | 3840x1088

Album Number Three | 400+ images | 3840x1080

Album Number Four | 50+ images | Various resolutions

Album Number Five | 100+ images | 5760x1080

The albums likely contain some duplicate images.

After you download your dual monitor wallpaper, you will need to save it to the appropriate location on your computer in order for Windows to access it. By default, on Windows 7, the file path you are looking for is:

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Here you should see a variety of already existing folder names like "Architecture, Nature, Winter," and so forth. Just to keep things organized, create a new folder here and name it something like "Dual monitor wallpapers." Save all of your downloaded dual monitor wallpaper into this folder and this will become the home for your new collection.

Next, right click anywhere on your Windows desktop and select the "personalize" option.

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

At the bottom of the new window that pops up, click the words "Desktop Background" (it should say "Slide Show" right underneath).

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

On this new screen, it should say "Picture Location: Windows Desktop Backgrounds," which refers to the area where you just saved your dual monitor wallpaper a couple of steps above. If it says something else, you will either have to navigate to this location or move your dual screen wallpaper folder into the location it is showing.

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Now, just scroll down to the heading for dual monitor wallpaper (or whatever you called your folder) and put a check mark icon next to the wallpapers you wish to use. The next step is very important or else it will not work.

Underneath the area where you check off which wallpapers you want to display, you must select the "Tile" setting underneath the "Picture Position" options. This tells Windows that you want to display your wallpaper in a way that will make it stretch across both monitors. You can also choose how often you want your wallpapers to rotate and whether or not you would like them to shuffle.

Dual Monitor Wallpaper
If you choose anything other than "tile" your dual monitor
wallpaper will not display correctly.
That is it! Save your changes and then save your wallpaper as a new Windows 7 theme and you are done! Enjoy your cool new dual monitor wallpaper collections!

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