Another cool website that I came across some time ago is this heat map click survey, which despite its boring sounding name is actually kind of interesting. In simple terms, the website shows you a series of images and asks you to click somewhere on them. In some cases it specifically asks you to click in a certain spot and in others it just lets you have free reign.

Then you can just go ahead and click wherever the heck you want because it is your life and hey, nobody is going to tell you where you can and cannot click!

After you have finished going through the heat map click survey, it visually displays the actual heat map that shows exactly where everyone who has done the survey has clicked. You might think you are a first-world anarchist by refusing to click where it wants you to, but then again, you might be surprised by just how many people did the exact same thing.

In fact, it actually creates some really interesting patterns too. Even when there is absolutely no indication of where to click, you would think by looking at the results that people had been painting a picture given the eerie accuracy of the heat map readings.

The heat map click survey says some interesting things about human nature and psychology too. It really shows just how similarly our brains are wired together. At a first glance, you might think that by clicking off the grid you are going to be absolutely alone in doing so, but then when you see the actual heat map you realize just how many other people had that exact same thought.

This goes beyond a simple heat map though. It is a good metaphor for human sheep mentality. Even when faced with absolute uncertainty and no idea as to why something is happening; monkey see, monkey do. A friend of mine recently posted a YouTube video on Facebook that demonstrates this mentality absolutely perfectly.


Isn’t it weird just how alike people think? Even when you think you are the one being different, are you really? Consider if you were a child and playing a game of hide and go seek. How many of you would all run to the exact same hiding spot behind the curtains and underneath the table because it is the one place that was guaranteed to be hardest to find? Perhaps not so ironically, that “best hiding place” was probably one of the first places that was checked by the seeker and it was the child who hid behind the laundry room door that was found last. If you were the best at playing hide and seek, maybe that means you were one of the most original kids in your peer group.

So I ask you, do you think that you can go through the heat map survey and be completely original? Can you accurately go ahead and click where nobody else has before? It is a lot harder than it sounds.

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