How to Win Monopoly Without Your Friends Wanting to Kill You

It is an age old question, how can you not only win a game of monopoly but do so in a way that there are no death threats being thrown around and without any intentions of wanting to kill your friends? Well, thanks to a recent Reddit thread, a user by the name of BrianBoyko broke that answer down for everyone by giving some great Monopoly advice by correcting someone else's poor Monopoly advice.

Interestingly enough, BrianBoyko's advice falls right in line with Cunningham's Law, which states that the best way to get a correct answer on the internet is not to ask a question, but to post the wrong answer.

For reference within the rest of this post, here is a sample Monopoly board to look at. Unless otherwise noted, the information and suggestions within this post all come from Reddit user BrianBoyko.

Early Game

One of the most valuable properties to acquire at the start of the game are the light blue ones. These properties are frequently landed on and are cheap to develop, which means that they become an early cash flow. It only takes $450 to build three houses on each of them.

As a good point of reference, the third house is the most cost-effective and all-around efficient return-on-investment you can purchase in Monopoly. In other words, you should actually make sure you buy your third house on all properties before putting your fourth houses up and/or hotels. As another Reddit user, RayMcKegney pointed out "Today I Learned - a housing shortage in monopoly is a thing."

The utilities are not necessarily a bad investment to make. They might take 50 turns to recoup the cost, however they are also worth $60 in mortgage value meaning that they can be recouped in only 25 turns, which makes them half an effective cost. In fact, if you can get them at the auction or make a trade for them then they are usually profitable. In other words, they may not be the most profitable spaces on the board but they can be profitable.

Author sidenote: Yes, auctions in Monopoly are a real thing and are part of the official rules. Here is a great article from Daily Mail on why you have been playing Monopoly wrong your entire life. If you want to try playing with this rule in effect immediately, you can purchase Monopoly on the Google Play store for $2.76 and play against computers .

If you follow this early advice, you are already making strides into how you can win Monopoly without your friends wanting to kill you. Now, time to take a look at how to get the most out of mid game performance.

Mid Game

B&O Railroad (the one at the top of the board) is the second most landed on spot in the game. The other railroads, Reading and Pacific Avenue are also good investments. Short Line gets landed on the least (the one on the most expensive side of the board) however, it is still a good investment because railroad rent doubles with every railroad owned.

The orange and red properties are among the most profitable investments you can make and should therefore, be sought after as soon as possible. In order, the most important properties to get are:
  1. Orange: New York Avenue and Tennessee Avenue first.
  2. Red: Illinois Avenue first (the #1 landing spot in the game).
It can be a challenge to get the money to build these properties up, which is why you want to obtain light blue first for that early cash flow. Orange and red are in fact, so valuable that it is recommended to trade your "get out of jail free" cards and even more expensive properties like Boardwalk, in order to complete them. On average, you will earn more money over time by owning these properties.

Useless? Far from it! Get these spots EARLY.
For its cost, purple is not a great investment. However it can be utilized to create housing shortages (yes, there are a set number of houses in the game for a reason).

Perhaps, one of the most surprising Monopoly discoveries as pointed out is that placing money into the centre of the board from cards and utility payments is actually against the rules. In fact, the money is taken out of circulation for the purpose that people will go bust and the game will end quicker. A game of Monopoly with four players should only take about 90 minutes.

Late Game

Something pointed out by another Reddit user, jayman419 is that paying to get out of jail is a strategically sound move only from the beginning towards the early/mid game because it allows you more opportunity to purchase property. In the late game however, staying in jail is preferable because you are less likely to land on your opponents spaces and pay.

How to Win Monopoly Without Your Friends Wanting to Kill You
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It is in your best interest to keep some money for capital, but the majority of your cash should be on the board and earning you more money. Saving your cash for a rainy day is not in your best interest because it is not going to generate anything more. In order to win, there has to be some risk of you going broke. You can always get more cash by mortgaging properties and selling houses if you need to. Do not hold back in fear that you will land on your opponents Broadway space; it is one of the least landed properties in the entire game of Monopoly.

Ultimately, to win Monopoly you absolutely WANT to make deals and do business with other players. Your goal in a trade should never be to take advantage of your trading partner, it should be to take advantage of anyone who is not your trading partner. If you constantly attempt to make trades that are unreasonable, other players will not want to trade with you and hang you out to dry. Trading is the lifeblood of winning Monopoly and by refusing to trade and be reasonable, you are sealing your own fate.

As an interesting piece of trivia as pointed out by BrianBoyko, Monopoly was originally created as an anti-capitalist education tool. The intent was to educate players about how capitalism is a system, which creates a single winner and multiple losers, hence the name Monopoly. The game is actually designed to create ill-feelings towards this system.

Additional Monopoly Trivia and Statistics

This last section contains information obtained from additional sources, which is interesting for those players who are analytics and looking for a serious number crunch.

Community Chest:

  • There is a 56.25 percent chance you will earn cash.
  • There is a 25 percent chance you will have to pay a fine.
  • There is a 12.5 percent chance you will have to move your piece.
  • There is a 6.25 percent chance you will earn a "get out of jail free" card.
There are 17 cards in the Community Chest deck. Out of these cards, your chances of being moved are as follows:
  • One "Advance to Go."
  • One "Go to Jail."
  • There is a 63 percent chance you will move your piece.
  • There is an 18.75 percent chance you will have to pay a fine.
  • There is a 12.5 percent chance you will earn cash.
  • There is a 6.25 percent chance you will earn a "get out of jail free" card.
There are 18 cards in the Chance deck. Out of these cards, your chances of being moved are as follows:
  • One "Advance to Go."
  • One "Go to Jail."
  • One "Advance to Utility."
  • One "Advance to Nearest Railroad."
  • One "Advance to St. Charles Place."
  • One "Go Back 3 Spaces."
  • One "Take a Trip to Reading Railroad."
  • One "Take a Walk on the Boardwalk."
  • In World War II, Monopoly games were given to captured Allied prisoners. Inside the sets, were maps, compasses, hidden files and real money in place of Monopoly money to help them escape.
  • Due to its Capitalist nature, the game has been banned from Russia and China at one time. Today, it is banned in both Cuba and unsurprisingly, North Korea.
  • The three most landed on properties in Monopoly are Illinois Avenue, B&O Railroad and New York Avenue.
  • The three least landed on properties in Monopoly are Mediterranean Avenue, Baltic Avenue, Luxery Tax, Park Place and Oriental Avenue.
Think you can win a game of monopoly without you or any of your friends wanting to kill each other? Go ahead, give it a try!

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