Lindsey Stirling
Today, take a few moments to either introduce yourself to an incredible violin-techno master by the name of Lindsey Stirling, or sit back and enjoy some songs by her that you already know. If you have not already heard of her, Stirling made her televised debut on America's Got Talent in 2010 but was voted off in tandem by Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.

Ironically, it was Morgan who told Stirling that in order to do what she wants to do, she would have to be one of the best violinists in the world and her performance was just not up to par. Four years later, Stirling is arguably now one of the best violinists in America.

Stirling has a unique mix of songs that all encompass her trademark performance, happy appearance and her techno violin mastery. While many of her songs are original, she has also earned herself a wonderful online reputation through her charisma and blend of cover songs, including The Legend of Zelda, Phantom Of The Opera and Skyrim.

On her YouTube channel, Stirling packs it with music videos and a variety of short comedy skits with her alter ego, super-fan Phelba. But enough talk, it is time to enjoy five of the top and most exciting Lindsey Stirling songs!

5. Moon Trance

Walking into a spooky graveyard in the dead the of the night is typically not a great idea but in this case, it did not actually turn out to be that bad a move. In something you might expect to see in a Michael Jackson music video, Stirling dances with the living dead in what just might be my favourite of her songs. Enjoy Moon Trance!

4. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover)

Stirling has so many incredible pieces that it is extremely difficult to narrow it down to only five for this list, but number four has to go to her cover of Radioactive by the band Imagine Dragons. In what is already a nice song to begin with, Stirling's violin remix adds a bountiful level of elegance that just was not there in the original. While the entire song is a masterpiece, the bit from about 2:45 on makes my bones chill.

3. Transcendence

The video itself is almost like something out of a real life Disney cartoon and the song is just beautiful to listen to. With less emphasis on the techo and more on the violin, this piece in particular really lets you hear just how far Stirling has come since her 2010 America's Got Talent debut. Master of the violin? Absolutely. At the end of the video, Stirling gives a bit of a back-story and explains how both this song and video are extremely important for her.

"Everyone has a voice and every individual, no matter who you are, you have the power to inspire change."

2. Elements

The artistic elements in this video are out of this world and the song itself sounds like something you might hear in an epic blockbuster movie. Elements might just be the perfect name for this song because the notes really do portray a wide range of emotions. Not only the notes in fact, but also the tempo, the key signature and just the general atmosphere. It transforms flawlessly from being upbeat, to intense and at some moments to even emulating sorrow.

1. Crystallize

In some ways, Crystallize feels almost like a second part of the song Elements, if you listen to it right after. When it comes down to it, this song in particular takes the best of Lindsey Stirling's violin and techno/dubstep mastery and shows how the two can work together in absolute beautiful harmony. Even though this song was an "experiment" for her, listening to it and not knowing that would make it nearly impossible to tell. The video is simple and elegant with more of an emphasis on the music.

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