March 2014 Science Update

March 2014 Science Update
Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble

Has another full month gone by already, leaving us with a March 2014 science update? Yes, it seems that the month has been a busy one with new planets being discovered and not to forget a zombie virus that could cause mass destruction either.

Enjoy the graphics and information. Thanks to Redditor, Sourcecode12, for putting all of the month's science updates from March 2014 together, into one convenient album. If you wish to obtain more information about any of the individual updates, please check out the links that have been added, below.

February 24 - March 2

Skin Cells into Liver Cells
Rapid Cancer Test
715 New Worlds Discovers
New Particle Discovered
Oldest Object on Earth Found
Water Spotted on Alien Planet
Video Version

March 3 - March 9

Revolutionary Membrane
Baby Cured of HIV
Ancient Virus
Europa’s Misson
New Dinosaur Species
Asteroid Disintegration
3,600 Year-old Cheese
Synthetic Spider Silk

March 10 - March 16

Largest Yellow Star
Cloning Mammoth
Underground Oceans
Alzheimer’s Blood Test
Advanced Robotic Fish
SpaceX Rocket
New Video

➤ Science Celebrations:
- Pi day: 14 Mar, 14
- Einstein’s Birthday: 14 Mar, 14

March 17 - March 23

Cosmic Inflation Evidence
Chicken From Hell Dinosaur
Night Vision Lenses
Titan’s Liquid Waves
DNA Mugshots
Stem Cells From Blood
New Mineral
3D-printed Splint

March 24 - March 30

3D Printed Skull
Asteroid with Rings
Synthetic Chromosome
New Dwarf Planet
Bacteria and HIV
Officially Polio-Free
Hearing For The First Time

With the March 2014 science update being complete, what will science discover in April? Check back in one month to find out.

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