Scrabble Practice Game: 8 Letters in Search of a Word

Do you play a lot of Scrabble and ever find yourself wishing that you had a game to help you prepare and come up with longer, higher-point words? There is a little browser game I like to play called 8 Letters in Search of a Word that helps me (and can help you) do exactly that.

The purpose of the game is deviously simple. Just try to arrange eight letters into as many words as you possibly can before the time runs out. Words that use more letters will get you more points and the faster you can make words, the more points you will get. Each set of letters contains at least one eight letter word that can be made for a large amount of points.

While the point of 8 Letters in Search of a Word is not necessarily to become a Scrabble practice game, it certainly is one. It can help you learn how to quickly decipher a long string of letters into as many words as possible.

As an avid Scrabble player myself, here are some useful Scrabble tips that I have picked up over the years. These come only from my own meandering experience.

Useful Scrabble Tips:

1. Look for ways to turn your letters into prefixes and suffixes to maximize points. For instance, common word prefixes include:
  • RE-
  • UN-
  • IN-
  • EN-
  • PRE-
Common word suffixes include:
  • -ING
  • -IER
  • -IES
  • -IED
  • -ISM
  • -ION
  • -ED
  • -ES
  • -ER
  • -ERS
2. STRENGTHS is a nine letter word that only uses one vowel. This may not necessarily help you with anything, I just think that it is really interesting.

3. Memorize words that have unusual uses of high point letters such as K, X, J, Q, Z
  • Words that end in Q: SUQ, TRANQ, UMIAQ
  • Words that end in Z. There are too many to list them all but here are some good ones: FRITZ, BLITZ, TOPAZ, WALTZ, NERTZ, PLOTZ,  RITZ, QUIZ, LUTZ, PUTZ, PREZ
  • Words that end in J: SVARAJ, SWARAJ, HADJ, HAJJ, HAJ, RAJ, TAJ
4. The dictionary version you are playing with means some words are legit in one version but not in another. The British version of Scrabble has far more legit words than the U.S. one. This is especially noticeable with two-letter words.

5. Figure out and memorize words that can be made with consonants only or vowels only. If you have the letters to make words worth decent amounts of points in these situations and do not have to throw anything back, then hats off to you. Here are some that you can refer to in a pinch:

Scrabble consonant-only words (without using Y. Note, some of these are British-version only):
  • HM
  • MM
  • SH
  • BRR
  • CWM
  • HMM
  • NTH
  • PHT
  • SHH
  • TSK
  • BRRR
  • CWMS
  • PFFT
  • PSST
  • TSKS
Scrabble vowel-only words (Note, some of these are British-version only):
  • AA
  • AE
  • AI
  • AIA
  • EA
  • EAU
  • EE
  • EUOI
  • IO
  • OE
  • OI
  • OO
  • OU
Have any other useful Scrabble tips that you would like to share? Leave a comment below.

Now what are you waiting for? Go practice your Scrabble game by playing some 8 Letters in Search of a Word.

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