Have you ever wanted a use unethical life hacks to get yourself a free meal, a warm place to stay or perhaps to get into somewhere you were not supposed to be? Maybe you were looking to get a discount on merchandise that you really were not supposed to have or trick someone into doing something that benefits you. Whatever the case may be, we are not recommending that you go ahead and use any of these unethical life hacks to get you ahead the wrong way in life, but they do exist and if nothing else, they provide an entertaining read.

A recent AskReddit thread asked users to submit their own unethical life hacks that help them and will help you get ahead the wrong way. Many users obliged and one full list later, the world has now become a much more unethical place. You can go check out the full thread but in the meantime, we have compiled some of the most devious tricks here into a neatly organized list.

Unethical Life Hacks to Help You Save Money

Submitted to Reddit by smashking06
"I used to keep a cup from McDonald's in my car at all times and when ever I was driving and wanted some soda I would just walk in any MacDonald's and refill my cup. I did this for weeks."

Submitted to Reddit by yourderek
"Not sure about all chain theaters but this is a sure bet at any AMC.
After buying a ticket and walking past the concessions, head to any trash can (stay with me here). Try to find an empty large soda cup and/or popcorn bag. Take this to the counter and ask for a free refill. They will take the old bag/cup and throw it out (thank God) and fill a new one, with "refill" repeating in bold around the rim.
They do this to prevent people from getting more than one refill, but it's a surefire way to grab free food in a super expensive theatre.
Another life hack: don't let your date see you do it."

Submitted to Reddit by beef-curtains
"Want free admission to Six Flags? Tell them you are buying a season pass, but not staying in the park that day. They will ask for collateral, usually a credit or debit card. They will give you 30 minutes to come back, or they will charge your card the full price for admission. Walk into the park, walk around for a few minutes. When you leave the gate they stamp your hand with that awesome black light readable only re-entry stamp. Go get your collateral back from the ticket booth. Then you can walk right back up to the re-entry gate, show them your stamped hand, and viola! Free park admission!"

Submitted to Reddit by beef-curtains
"Additional protip: all Six Flags have an employee food court, usually in the middle of the park, hidden behind the attractions. They serve all the amazing food that the park sells. Want a turkey leg, corny dog, and a funnel cake? That'll cost you like $34 at the park kiosks. Same food at the employee food court? $3."

Submitted to Reddit by Chubbstock
"For married people:
Go out to eat (out of town works best, won't be recognized) and propose to your wife. Have her say yes enthusiastically. Get free desert, possibly free meal.
Any time you ever go on vacation to a hotel or resort, IT IS YOUR HONEYMOON. Don't order anything extra, just let them know and act all lovey. They'll hook you up."

Submitted to Reddit by Drunk_Tugboat
"As part of the employee training at Target, they teach you that if a customer argues over a price, and the full price is under $20, to just give it to them for whatever price they claim. It's cheaper for the company to move on to the next customer than to call in a price check."

Submitted to Reddit by justfortrees
"Got a broken windshield? Next time your driving and see a cement truck or any kind of truck carrying rocks or dirt follow it. Call the 1-800 number on the back and say a rock flew out and hit your windshield. Once they verify there was indeed a truck at that location there's a good chance they'll offer to replace your windshield for you."

Submitted to Reddit by caramelfrap
"It's very awkward to say no. If you go to a fast food place for example and you simply lie and say that there was a Big Mac missing from your order during lunch rush and that your receipt got thrown away with your meal, they'll give you another one"

Unethical Life Hacks to Help Your School and Career

Unethical Life Hacks

Submitted to Reddit by Jay180
"If you want to sound sick when calling in to your work, lie on your back while hanging your head over the edge of the bed. You will sound congested."

Submitted to Reddit by imjustgonnalurk
"Carrying a clipboard and walking like you are in a hurry helps in just about every situation.

Submitted to Reddit by Lexxxapr0
"For college students, torrent your books PDF rather than buying the textbook"

Submitted to Reddit by peppermintpattii
"This trick has helped me pass a good majority of my college courses.
Send out a mass email to the class the day before an exam saying I have just finished my study guide, and offer to swap it with other people.
Never actually made a study guide. People would send me theirs and I would them send them each others back. Win win for everyone."

Submitted to Reddit by QEDomelets
"Don't call into work "sick". Call in saying that you have "family problems". That's the end of the discussion."

Submitted to Reddit by thirdlepower
"When I know I'm going late to be for something, I'll call ahead and tell whomever I'm meeting that I was just pulled over for speeding. Thus giving myself an excuse for being late, and demonstrating my commitment to whatever it is I'm late for. Only works once, but it usually works pretty well."

Submitted to Reddit by TheBathCave
"Someone posted the other day that they add positive industry buzzwords to their digitally-submitted resume in white print, because they won't actually show up on the document, but the sorting algorithms select his resume for an interview and it gets through to HR.
It's unethical and underhanded, but I think it's absolutely genius."

Submitted to Reddit by sto-"
"When career hunting, flagging Craigslist posts as spam after applying, or taking down flyers for a position (like at a college campus). cuts down on the competition."

Unethical Life Hacks to Help You Sneak Around

Unethical Life Hacks to Get You Ahead the Wrong Way

Submitted to Reddit by ElectroKitten
"There's clothing that allows you to do virtually everything. Want to do graffiti? Wear one of those white paperish overalls. Steal a streetsign? Carry a toolbox, dress like a mechanic and you're good to go. Dress up like a technician, walk into an office, tell somebody you were "told to take that PC", you can just walk out with it. Never underestimate how little people question the uniform."

Submitted to Reddit by Angusmoomoo
"Also, fluorescent safety vests will get you into pretty much anywhere. Respect the vest."

Submitted to Reddit by Bru7171
"I ran psychology experiments in undergrad and constantly wore white lab coats. The very first day I was there, someone in my class was going around asking the professors if they wanted coffees, he asked me assuming I was a professor as well. I went with it kind of as a goof. This guy kept bringing me stuff for a whole semester thinking I was a professor when in fact we were in the same class. I made sure to sit far behind him so he never saw me in actual class."

Submitted to Reddit by ElJurassic

"In my network security class my Instructer wanted us to see how secure our campus network was. People were trying all kinds of stupid tricks. Me and another student paired up went to one of the secretary's desks and told them we were students sent to test security for class. She gave us access ro the computer and walked away. We could view all the students information but not edit (maybe with a little work).

We were the only students who gained access because we learned people are much easier to dupe than security systems."

Submitted to Reddit by angelinmoloch
"if you're doing something you shouldn't, confidence is key. You can just walk out of a store holding what you stole and be fine if you know how to act (and have a basic knowledge of how the store works.) Bonus: trespass with an orange safety jacket, nobody questions the orange safety jacket"

Submitted by They_Werent_Flares
"The first trick I learned in the FBI: If you're on a stakeout and you want someone to stop looking at you or think you're not looking at them - pick your nose. They immediately turn away and think you're just some jerk picking his nose."

Submitted to Reddit by davetenhave
"Road cones. Road cones. Road cones. Need to hold a parking spot? Road cones in the target spot and the adjacent spots. No-one challenges road cones."

Submitted to Reddit by willy_crookes
"in order to be a good liar, you need to convince everyone that you are a bad liar"

Unethical Life Hacks to Help You in Other Ways

Unethical Life Hacks

Submitted to Reddit by ChizuSuteki
"Hotel Concierge services are for everyone. In any city in the world, just walk into an international chain hotel and ask away. Ask for directions. Have them make restaurant reservations for you. Get general advice.

You can also store luggage for free at many hotels. Most places will just give you a claim ticket for your luggage and, especially if it's a bigger hotel, won't ask for a room number. If either the concierge or bell staff ask for a room number, just say that you're checking in later with a friend. Her name is Kate, but the reservation might be under her husband's name. You're meeting him for the first time and OMG THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING I CAN'T REMEMBER HIS NAME."

Submitted to Reddit by Alligatronica
"Me and a couple of friends bypass our Uni print queue (and pay system) by using the printer's IP address to print straight to it, rather than using the print release terminals.

I realise it might not work for everyone's University print queues, but it works for mine. For our system, when we hit print it's added to a queue in the Uni system, then we sign into our Uni accounts at a terminal by the printers, then it's sent to the print queue of the printer itself and prints. By going directly to the IP of the printer, we can use the web interface to add files directly to the printer's own queue."

Submitted to Reddit by postfuturology
"When meeting someone, tell them you are twice as far away from them as you actually are, and are willing to meet halfway, I.e. a block away from where you currently are."

Submitted to Reddit by anonoman925
"If you're in a crowd and need to get through, yell I'm gonna puke."

Submitted to Reddit by sto-
"When buying something on craigslist, I use my spam email to lowball the seller by a lot, then I use my regular email to give a reasonable offer that is still a good amount under the asking price. I almost always have my offer accepted."

Submitted to Reddit by QEDomelets
"Lying works better when you throw in embarrassing things, because people think to themselves, why would you embarrass yourself if it wasn't the truth?"

Submitted to Reddit by lead-holder
"If you need a phone charger, go to a hotel and tell them you forgot your phone charger in the hotel. They'll pull out a box full of them, take your pick."

Submitted to Reddit by H4ppy
"Want to sit alone on a bus? Wear a face mask"

Submitted to Reddit by Krypson
"If you're a teenager and you're up to no good. Tell your parents what you are actually doing. They will take it as sarcasm and stop questioning you. I never lied once in high school and I had a damn good time...."

Once again, while we are not endorsing or recommending you to go out and use any of these unethical life hacks to get you ahead the wrong way in life, they do exist. Take them with a grain of salt, for what they are worth. Do you have any others you would like to share? Leave a comment with one if you do.

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