5 Extremely Dangerous Jobs That Carry You to New Heights

No matter what your day job might be, you will probably be thankful that it does not involve doing any of these extremely dangerous jobs. In fact, after watching these videos that carry you to new heights, you might just find yourself clutching your desk for safety and making sure your feet are firmly strapped onto the ground.

Yikes! Watch and take joy in that there are brave souls who do these jobs so the rest of us do not have to.

5. Window Cleaners for the Tallest Building in the World

For the world's tallest building, called the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, one brave BBC reporter (Dallas) joins the window cleaning crew to see what these men do every day, for a living. "It's almost inconceivable how high these windows are. I'm 60 meters above the next platform below, which is itself, 600 meters above the ground."

The most dangerous part of the job as well as constructing a building this tall is the wind. According to Dallas, the wind by its very nature is unpredictable and creates a hazard for both the workers and building. The danger for the building is not that it might be blown over, but that it could be sucked over. As the wind hits, it can create whirlwinds that make small pressure areas that can tug at the building. If enough of them combine, the tower could rock from side to side. Fortunately, due to the building's curved design this is unlikely to occur. The designers call this "confusing the wind" and believe it is the only way to build a building this high.

As for the window cleaners themselves, it takes them three months to clean the building from start to finish. And once they are finished, they just start from the beginning all over again. Aren't you thankful that you don't have to do this extremely dangerous job?

4. High Power Line Worker

Not only do high power line workers have to deal with heights, but also massive surges of electricity. As the narrator explains, back in the 1800s a man by the name of Michael Faraday hypothesized that if you enclose a man in a metal cage and energize that cage at whatever voltage, the man would still live. The voltage would flow around him. The high power line workers wear a special suit, which essentially puts a 'Faraday Cage' around them, which keeps them safe.

In the video you can see the helicopter drops the workers off onto the power lines before they they start to crawl around, battling the height and electrical currents. Despite the danger, the narrator says that his job is "as safe as crossing the street." Regardless, most of us are bound to be thankful that we are not crawling around on power lines for this extremely dangerous job.

3. Bridge Painters

"How's this for an occupational hazard? Spending a day suspended hundreds of feet from the ground above 14 lanes of legendary rush hour traffic."

ABC's Bob Woodruff found out first hand. New York's George Washington bridge is one of the busiest in the world, is a mile long and almost 600 feet high. It takes the workers over a year to paint the bridge from start to finish. In fact, this job is so dangerous that bridge workers need to ace a series of tests just to be allowed to do the job. 90 percent of all applicants fail the final test. Fortunately, Woodruff was able to pass the test, which allowed him to find out more about what these workers do, first-hand.

As it turns out, no one has ever died on the job, but as some of the workers point out there have been a few scares for them, including moments where they thought they were about to slip. Interestingly enough, there have never been any women to do this job, at least two years ago when this ABC video was produced.

As for safety, everyone is attached onto the bridge with two harnesses, and everything is securely attached, because if anything fell, it could cause a serious traffic accident.

2. America's Iron Workers

Have you ever considered taking an extremely dangerous job in construction? Of course, many people have and it is relatively safe to assume that many more are not aware of the dangers these trade workers face on a daily basis. The scariest thing about the job is just how much of it is done without any type of safety harness!

According to Chris Bowles, when you come out to the construction site, "You know the risks and you get used to it. It's one thing to be comfortable with it, but always be aware of what you're doing, because there is danger involved. It's extremely dangerous, people die every day. But if you do everything like you're supposed to, you do it right and it can be safe."

So why do they do it then? Maybe it is for the love of the job, or maybe it is for the $2,000 a week that they bring home. Either way, would you let this extremely dangerous job carry you to such dangerous new heights?

1. The Most Dangerous Job in the World - Stairway to Heaven

Think fighting through traffic on your way to work is bad? What if your commute meant climbing 1,700 feet straight up before you could even begin your work day? That is the reality for anyone who works on transmission lines or antennas. This first-person video shows exactly what it is like to climb such a tower. For the full experience (if you dare) then put this video in full screen mode and narrow your eyes in.

Is the worst part of this job the climb, the fact that workers have to carry 30 pounds of equipment as they go up or free-climbing without any safety harness? Personally, I think the scariest and most dangerous part is that what goes up, must come down. And if there is a storm that is suddenly brewing, there is absolutely no easy way to do that, at all.

Working your desk job in a cubicle does not seem so bad now, does it? Not when you consider the extremely dangerous jobs that carry some of these brave individuals to such terrifying new heights. Please let us know which job you think is the most frightening in a comment! Or would you be willing and brave enough to perform any of these?

By Jonathan Holowka

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