Are you an active Redditor and could you benefit from a few helpful tips and tricks that would help teach you how to Reddit better and get more out of the massive online discussion website? Yesterday, Reddit user google_results_bot posed the question "What are some interesting secrets about Reddit?" and the answers he received certainly provided both some interesting and unusual tips and tricks into getting more from the website.

Below, we have taken some of the most helpful comments submitted by Redditors and organized them in a way so that you can easily refer to them and get the most out of your own Reddit experience.

Reddit Tips and Tricks to Enjoy the Site Better

Reddit Tips and Tricks
Personal submission
You can increase the size of any image by left clicking it and holding the mouse button down, and then dragging the image to the right to make it larger. This only works with Reddit Enhancement Suite

Submitted by Castun
If you highlight a section of comment before clicking reply, it automatically places the highlighted text in the quote bracket so you don't have to copy and paste anything.

Disclaimer: May not work on all mobile apps or devices.

Submitted by Madworldz
You can combine subreddits. For example

Submitted by euphoniumguy
Add a "p" to the URL, like so:

to get a slideshow of the posts on that subreddit. Good for certain picture based subreddits, wink.

Submitted by gologologolo
Also add a -stream to the URL like so:

to get a streaming chat log of new comments. Great for an AMA, popular Askreddit thread or a live sports thread.

Submitted by CreeDorofl
Maybe it was interesting only to me,
but I went for 2 years not knowing that
you could put two spaces at the end of a line,
then press return to get a line break.
I was double entering for line breaks before.

Submitted by Aarinfel
if you end the url of a subreddit with .compact you get a version of the site that is way easier to read on mobile browsers...

Submitted by AbnormalDream
The A key upvotes (only with Reddit Enhancement Suite)

Reddit Tips and Tricks to Get Around Site Blocks

Reddit Tips and Tricks How to Reddit Better

Submitted by jaggazz
MSOutlookit converts Reddit to a format that looks like Outlook to ensure stealthy browsing while at work.

Submitted by EMCoupling
There's MSWorddit and CodeReddit as well.

Submitted by ShetlandJames
If only certain subreddits are blocked at your work, put a plus after it in the URL ( and it will magically work

Reddit Trivia

Reddit Tips and Tricks How to Reddit Better

Submitted by ghost_of_tuckles
How reddit's ranking algorithm works. Essentially, newer submissions are prioritized & the first 10 upvotes are valued as much as the next hundred, so a submission that gets upvotes very quickly will receive much more exposure. It really helps you understand why there's so many fluff pieces and misleading/sensationalised headlines making the front page, because by the time people take the time to actually read the article and find out the headline is misleading, it could easily have gotten those first few upvotes based solely on the title.

Organised upvoting definitely does happen, and is one of the main things accounts get banned from reddit for. Admins take it very seriously and have ways of detecting it, but they're pretty secretive about how they detect it, so that spammers have a harder time getting around these detections.

Submitted by luckydog5656
Reddit was started by the creators making hundreds dozens of fake accounts and posting content and using other fake account to upvote and comment. Once the site had enough actual users they stopped doing this. They even had a tool next to the submit button to randomly generate a username to post with (admin only of course).

Submitted by kormer
The subreddit style for Ninjas is one of the best I've seen.

Submitted by Deesing82
Things Jon Snow Knows

Submitted by mmichaeljjjfoxxx
There is a red pixel on advice animals. Once you notice, you can't not see it.

Submitted by pragmaticbastard
Self-posts don't increase link Karma.
I often see people put in the title of their Self-posts "please don't upvote" as they don't want to be seen as karma-whoring.
People should upvote your post (if appropriate) for visibility.

Submitted by 10thDoctorBestDoctor
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Enter then click the bacon.
EDIT: Note, this is a Reddit Enhancement Suite easter egg and not a standard feature of reddit.

Submitted by Cananbaum
The weird, very small picture of a stick figure holding something in Advice Animals located usually in the lower left corner - is a button to an in-browser game.

Submitted by byconcept
At the bottom right hand corner of the page there is a pi sign. When you hover over it, it gives you information on Reddit.

Submitted by Loki-L
The Pi symbol in the lower right corner is a reference to the 1995 Movie "The Net".

Hopefully you have picked up some useful tips and tricks on how to Reddit better. Have any other useful tips and tricks you would like to share? Please leave us a comment below.

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