Weird Light Spotted on Mars

Weird Light Spotted on Mars
Photo Credit: photos.
A weird light has been spotted on the surface of Mars in a series of photos, captured by a NASA camera. Scott C. Waring originally pointed out the photo, on his website, UFO Sightings Daily, and has commented that this could very well be a sign that intelligent life currently exists underground, beneath Mars.

Weird light spotted on mars

Despite Waring's skeptic remarks that NASA will not investigate, playing it safe could be a smart move for the space agency; at least until more information has been gathered. In fact, the object is not necessarily anything alien. As several Redditors have pointed out, the light could simply be a volcanic plume or an electronically charged dust devil.

BigTimeTimmyTim from Reddit cautions that NASA is smart for a reason, and sending the multi-million dollar Curiosity rover over to investigate something that could potentially destroy it would not be in their best interest. In fact, the Spirit rover has already captured several photos of these Martian dust devils, which do look awfully similar to the weird light that has been spotted on Mars.

Weird Light Spotted on Mars
Credit: Mars rover Spirit.
While the light could be nothing more than a dust devil, it might also be something as spectacular as an advanced alien civilization that is living underneath the planet's surface and laughing at the silly rovers poking around at the rocks, up above. Regardless, it is only one of the many unusual sightings that have been spotted on Mars. Years ago, a potential alien was spotted, just casually walking around on the Mars surface, minding its own business.

Of course, then there was also that time when a mystery rock suddenly appeared in front of Curiosity and NASA was sued for failing to investigate.

Weird Light Spotted on Mars
Credit: NASA
Let's not forget either, about when Viking 1 snapped a photo of what looked like "faces" on the surface of Mars, back in 1976. Spotting the faces could very well be nothing more than a simple case of pareidolia, the name for "spotting faces in things." Hey, it's only human nature to look for objects that seem similar to us, after all.

Either way, this incident turned out to be nothing more or less than a case of "seeing things from a different vantage point." Ever notice how a city looks like a toy set when you fly above it, in a plane? In 1998 and in 2001, higher resolution images of this mystery face became available, and well, it really does not look much like a face anymore.

Weird Light Spotted on Mars
Credit: NASA. Viking 1 photo from 1976 | Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) from 1998 | MGS from 2001
Despite the faces being a solved mystery, some people will confidently remain optimistic that there is a little bit more than just photo resolution and pareidolia at work here. After all, 1976 was a long time ago and surely, there have been plenty of opportunities for the face to become blurred and destroyed with dust, since then. Similarly, the mysterious weird light spotted on Mars might be something extraterrestrial, or it could be nothing more than a weather phenomenon. Hopefully as time passes more information will become available.

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