Canines are man's best friend for a good reason! They have been with us, side-by-side longer than any animal and perhaps no two species have such a symbiotic relationship as do man and dog. These super cool fun dog facts might just teach you something amazing about our four-legged friends while at the same time bring a smile to your face. It is the perfect pick-me-up for any bitter day.

1. Dogs will actually sneeze when they are playing to tell other dogs that that they are playing rough and not really fighting. (Source).

17 Dog Fun Facts That Are Super Cool

2. There is a Border Collie named Chaser who understands more than 1,000 English human words! Most dogs can only understand at maximum 250. (Source).

3. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Border Collie is the smartest breed of dog in the world. However, they are high-energy and need people around who can match that level of energy. (Source).

Dog Fun Facts
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4. Conversely, the Bulldog is said to be the least intelligent breed of dog. However, they are loyal and affectionate (Source).

Bulldog Anglais - Braderie de Lille

5. Some stray dogs in Russia have figured out how to use the subway in order to scavenge for food in more populated locations. (Source).

Street Dog Riding the Subway
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6. All breeds of dogs evolved from wolves roughly 30,000 years ago. This began when cavemen started offering wolves bones to keep them at bay, rather than warding them off with fire. (Source).

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7. Dogs sweat through their feet. This phenomenon is called 'Frito Feet' and creates a popcorn-like aroma that results from the combination of moisture and bacteria being released. (Source).

Betsy (11 ans/years)

8. Dogs drink water by curling the back of their tongues into a cup shape. (Source).

17 Dog Fun Facts That Are Super Cool
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9. Dogs have been described as 'counselors with fur' and often provide therapy to children and adults alike, with nothing more than their presence. (Source).

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10. Dog owners tend to live longer and are at less risk of having heart disease. This might be because dog owners have to be more active to look after their pets. Maybe their lives just seem longer? (Source).

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11. Dog's noses are wet due to a thin layer of mucous that helps them absorb different scents. They lick their noses to sample the taste of those scents with their mouths... Yuck! (Source).

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12. For someone who is blind, it would be difficult to tell when their seeing eye dog drops something unpleasant. That is why these these helpful canines are trained to only do number two on command. (Source).


13. A dog's intelligence is typically on par with that of a two year old. Chaser, the Border Collie in #2 of this list might an exception. (Source).

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14. When a dog wags his or her tail it can have multiple meanings. Wags to the right indicate happiness, while wags to the left indicate fear. Low wagging is a sign of insecurity, and rapid wagging with dilated pupils can signal aggression. (Source).

Dog Fun Facts
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15. Puppies are still developing, much like a human baby that is still in the womb. In fact, puppies are born blind and deaf and do not start responding to noise until after about two weeks! (Source).


16. There is a reason why dogs sniff other dog's behinds. A unique scent resides in their anal glands and they use this to recognize one another. (Source).

Horses and hounds

17. A dog might just save your life! Other than having a sixth sense to help them detect storms, they have also been known to perhaps even be able to detect major illnesses such as cancer. (Source).

Dog Fun Facts

Hopefully you have enjoyed these 17 dog fun facts and thought they were as super cool as claimed to be! Did you learn something along the way? If you have any additional dog facts or trivia you would like to share, please leave us a comment below!

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