Visiting popular tourist attractions that thrive with people can be enjoyable, but sometimes it is even more tranquil to visit abandoned places in the world and marvel at something truly remarkable. Some structures and places that were once great have ultimately met their end, and now only their skeletons remain to be awed at by anyone who would venture into and explore them. Enjoy these 7 remarkable abandoned places in the world.

1. The SS Ayrfield - A 102 Year Old Abandoned Ship

7 Remarkable Abandoned Places in the World

The story behind the SS Ayrfield (originally called SS Corrimal) was that it was built in the United Kingdom in 1911 and was then registered in Sydney in the year 1912. Later, after being purchased by the Commonwealth Government it was used to transport supplies during World War II to American troops who were stationed in the Pacific region.

For a time, this steel-hulled, single screw, steam collier was operated between Newcastle and the Miller Steamship Company Ltd after it was sold to them in 1951. It was not until 1972 when it was sent to Homebush Bay to be broken up. Now, the ship sits abandoned and is a remarkable and beautiful floating forest.

2. The Soviet Moon Lander found in an abandoned Moscow lab

7 Remarkable Abandoned Places in the World

It was no secret that the Soviet Union wanted to beat the Americans to the moon, and this abandoned moon lander provides pictures and stories behind that feat. Called the LK "Lunar Craft", it had a simpler design than the one NASA used. This was because the Soviets had inferior rockets. The intent was that the Soviet's L2 Lunar Orbit Module would transport the LK into orbit, however, by 1969 the Americans had Neil Armstrong take his first step onto the moon and the Soviets were still on Earth.

Today, the LK sits in a lab and apparently students at the Moscow Aviation Institute are given access to view this remarkable abandoned equipment.

3. Namie, Japan - a nuclear Exclusion Zone ghost town

7 Remarkable Abandoned Places in the World
Not Naomie, Japan in this image. Flickr | Srikanth Jandhyala

Welcome to Namie, Japan; population - 0. After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit northeastern Japan, the Fukushima nuclear plant was destroyed and in the process, nearly 16,000 lives were lost. Due to the levels of nuclear contamination, the Japanese government was forced to evacuate about 160,000 people within a 20 km exclusion zone.

Namie is just one of those areas that has been affected. Although it is currently unlivable due to the contamination, the lights have remained on in a hope that Japanese citizens will eventually be able to return to the town.

4. Skeletal remains of a sugar baron's grand mansion

7 Remarkable Abandoned Places in the World

Formally the home of sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, the mansion was set into flames by U.S. forces during World War II in an effort to prevent the Japanese from using it as their headquarters. Built in the 1900s out of concrete, it is now one of the most notable abandoned mansions in the entire world. Also sometimes simply called The Ruins, it is found in Talisay City, Negros Occidental in the Philippines.

It was opened for the public to visit in January 2008 and for anyone interested in seeing the place, it is recommended to visit at dusk when the lights add to the mansion's remarkable radiance as one of the very cool abandoned places in the world to go see.

5. Roller coaster in the ocean

7 Remarkable Abandoned Places in the World

Originally part of Seaside Heights in New Jersey, this iconic roller coaster called the Jet Star fell into ruin after the pier it sat on was hit by Superstorm Sandy and collapsed on November 28, 2012. After sitting in the Atlantic Ocean for several months, it was eventually contracted to be removed by Weeks Marine. Pictures of the Jet Star being deconstructed can be found here.

6. Underwater statue of Jesus

Cristo degli abissi.jpg7 Remarkable Abandoned Places in the World
"Cristo degli abissi" by Original uploader was Yoruno at it.wikipedia - Originally from it.wikipedia; description page is/was here.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

From the shoreline, right down into the ocean's depths themselves. How did a giant statue of Jesus find its way onto the ocean floor, you may ask? The answer might surprise you. It did not end up there as the result of some horrible disaster, it was actually built with the intent of it being put there. This 13 ton statue carved by Maltese sculptor Alfred Camilleri Cauchi was constructed to commemorate the 1990 visit of Pope John Paul II to Malta. It was placed on the seabed as an attraction to divers.

Apparently seabed statues of Jesus are quite popular because a new one is being placed on the sea floor for divers to come see this month, just off the coast of Palermo. Not only that, but another one is on the floor of the ocean just off the Caribbean island Grenada and yet another one is right near Key Largo in Florida. Future archaeologists are going to have some mysterious to figure out if the world comes to an end between now and then.

7. Initiation Well from the town of Sintra, Portugal

7 Remarkable Abandoned Places in the World

At 27 meters deep, the Initiation Well represents either a journey into the depths of the earth or a climb from darkness into light. It is a rebirth through mother natures womb. Owned by Quinta da Regaleira, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, it is divided into nine platforms that are reminiscent of the Divine Comedy by Dante, as well as the nine circles of Hell, nine sections of Purgatory and finally nine skies, which constitute Paradise. At the very bottom there is a Rosicrucian Cross, which is also the coat of arms of Carvalho Monteiro.

Do you have any other remarkable abandoned places in the world that you know of and would like to share? Leave us a comment with your favourite spots down below.

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