A recent Ask Reddit thread posed the question "What are some cheat codes for interacting with other animals?" We have collected some of our favourite animal hacks that had to do with winning over cats and dogs and compiled them into an easy and fun to read list. Here are 8 ways you can become best friends with these wonderful animals, regardless of whether you have traditionally been good with them or not!

1. Make any dog sit on command

Animal Hacks to Win Over Cats and Dogs

Maybe the pup in question has too much energy or maybe you just want him to stop begging at the table. According to Redditor Musicmonkey34, all you have to do to calm down a dog and make them sit is slide two fingers down their spine; one on either side. It is literally that simple.

2. Get weird cat reactions

A cat's life

Another Redditor called bababooey93 swears that by scratching a cat right above their tail (butt scratches), you can get them to do some really weird things. For instance, the cat might start making weird noises or begin to feverishly lick their chest. Other users chimed in and said that the cat will begin to nibble on your finger (if you let it). Of course, some people simply say that this irritates the cat and will make it claw or bite you. This might go without saying, but as with any cat, tread with caution.

3. Avoid cat eye contact = make them like you!


There is a great chance that this particular animal hack might be an answer for the question - how do you win over cats and make them like you as much as dogs? ximina3 suggests that cats actually see eye contact as a form of aggression, although this can vary depending on how domesticated they are. Looking a cat in the eyes is a great way to make the feline disappear - not what you are after! Instead, try looking at a cat through squinting eyes or by blinking slowly (non-aggressive behaviour). This is why cats go to people who ignore them or are allergic; those people are inadvertently being friendly!

On a side note, staring animals directly in the eyes is a sign of aggression for more than just cats. Dogs, parrots and many other species view this in the same fashion, as well.

4. Make all animals like you!


Want to win over more than just cats and dogs? Try rubbing your fingers together in a way that says "show me the money," which seems to attract the attention of many different species. This particular animal hack was suggested by AnimalKing, so you know there is something to it, given that name.

5. Be dog's best friend by act of scratch.

Belly Rub

What dog doesn't love a good belly rub? spectralham says that the best place to scratch a dog is near where its back legs are, the one spot it cannot reach. This spot is the perfect area to scratch; likely the dog's eyes will close and their leg may even start to kick.

As a previous dog owner myself, I can attest that this works 100 percent. Here is one more trick; curl your index fingers inwards and use the knuckle to rub the inside area of a dog's ear. This is equally relaxing for them as the back leg scratch - it worked well on mine anyway!

6. Understand the secret language of wagging tails.


WeaponsGradeHumanity says that wagging tails on dogs can signify the difference between happy/playful and hostile/aggressive. The short version is that a stiff tail generally means danger and a floppy tail means you are A-okay.

Want more tail trivia? Check out our article on 17 dog fun facts that are super cool and scroll down to number 14 for additional information.

7. Tell a cat that you love it.


You already know how to make a cat like you from reading this list, but how do you tell a cat that you love it? According to natalie2727, all you have to do is close your eyes while facing the cat, turn your head to the side briefly, then slowly turn back and open your eyes just a little bit. Rinse and repeat and enjoy the reaction!

Please try this on your cat and let us know how it goes in the comments. We are curious!

8. Avoid hostile dogs defending their territory.

Angry Dog

WeaponsGradeHumanity has some additional information on how to avoid hostile dogs. In almost all cases, dogs will only be hostile when defending their territory, but will try to avoid fighting when outside of it. Dogs love to chase, so running from one that is hostile is not in your best interest. Instead, back away and show your side, rather than your rear. This tells the dog that you do not want to fight but will defend yourself if forced to do so. If it comes to that, your top priority is to shove something into its mouth to block bites.

Preferably, not your arm.

9. BONUS: How to win over horses.


Redditor gekke says that to win over horses, all you have to do is gently blow into their nostrils. If the horse likes you, it will gently blow back and relax. Apparently, this is horse language for "Hi there, we're cool." As a precaution however, the front end of a horse can be extremely dangerous and if you are not used to horses, it is probably best to not try this without any supervision.

We hope that you have enjoyed these cool animal hacks to win over cats and dogs (and horses). If you have any other interesting tricks that you would like to share, please leave us a comment with your advice!

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