Top UFO Sightings of April 2014

Every month an organization called AnonymousFO publishes a YouTube video with the month's best collection of UFO sightings from around the world. The videos that are used in each month's collection have been thoroughly researched as to exclude the obvious fakes and only include what are the most compelling and realistic UFO sightings of the past month. For April 2014's top UFO sightings, AnonymousFO has compiled an interesting collection, which will be discussed in detail, below the embedded YouTube video.

As a disclaimer by AnonymousFO: "I have put a lot of effort into researching each case in this video, however nobody's perfect, and there are bound to be a few videos in here that have been debunked or proven fake."

1. Disc UFO Recorded over Uruguay 0.21 - 0.39

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
The top video displays what appears to be a triangular object at a first glance, but might actually be disc shaped once you realize that only about half of the object is easily visible. Of course, it could also be nothing more than a cloud. Is there something to this sighting or is the April 2014 Uruguay UFO sighting nothing more than smoke in the air?

2. UFO Photographed By Weather Camera In Hong Kong 0.40 - 1.06

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
This second UFO sighting appears that it could be nothing more than a spec of dust or a small raindrop at a glance, but when enhanced it does appear to have some sort of disc shape. Of course, what makes it stand out is that it is not remaining stationary. In fact, during the video's timestamps, which range between 9:25 and 9:40, you can clearly see that the UFO zig-zags from left and right. This seems like an unconventional flight pattern for any type of aircraft.

3. UFO Caught Multiple Times On Deer Cam 1.08 - 1.43

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
The video and news reports show what appears to look like car headlights near a small group of deer as caught by an infrared camera. The oddity here is that the camera is infrared and displays no light and the headlights appear to come from off the ground. According to various Reddit users, this particular video has been debunked as nothing more than a reflection of the deer's eyes. Is that the case? Judge for yourself.

4. ISS Comamnder Talks On His Outer Space UFO Experience 1.44 - 2.24

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
Not an actual UFO sighting on camera per say, but a recount and a CGI recreation of a UFO sighting by an astronaut:

"It's clearly not a natural phenomenon."
"He said, I saw some really weird stuff down there, flying past."
"At this point of the mission, this is kind of a shock."
"Suddenly I look up and I see these five lights. They seem to fly by. My heart just kind of leaps up into my throat. What are these lights?"

5. Light Source Photographed On Mars Surface 2.25 - 2.50

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
Is it an alien base? Is it a man made object? Or is it perhaps something far less sinister? Earlier in April there was some buzz when a weird light was photographed emanating from the Martian surface. Although there was much talk of what this object could be, debunkers claim that the weird light spotted on Mars is nothing more than an electronically charged dust devil.

6. Large UFO Shown Beneath ISS On National TV 2.51 - 3.24

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
Left: Above Video | Right: Tether Incident
If you are uncertain where to look, check the bottom-left corner of the video. This strange and unusual top UFO sighting from April 2014 was aired on live television and since then has been a spectacle for UFO researchers and enthusiasts. We may never know what it actually is, which in UFO lore is about as close to authenticity as you can get. The video also compares the shape of this UFO sighting to the "tether incident," which took place in 1996.

7. Disc Shaped UFO Recorded Over Netherlands 3.25 - 3.51

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
There really is not too much that can be said about this one from the video analysis. It seems to be an unusually high-quality capture. The debunkers might call this sighting a plane or a hoax, but on the other hand it might also be an authentic UFO. What do you think?

8. News Interview With the Man That Captured the Triangle UFO Over Kansas 3.52 - 4.26

Top UFO Sightings of April 2014
Finally, this last image is of extremely high-quality thanks to the fact that the man who captured it was out snapping photographs of wildlife with his powerful telephoto lens. According to the man who took the pictures, the unusually shaped aircraft was making several 180 degree turns in the shape of an S. It was also completely silent. "When I put them [the photos] on my computer and processed them and pulled it up I was surprised to see this triangular shape that is not like anything you typically see."

Could it be a secret military aircraft or something far more out of this world?

That concludes our analysis of the top UFO sightings of April 2014. Do you have your own theories about any of these incredible sightings? Please let us know in the comments.

By Jonathan Holowka

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