WATCH Paper Airplane Launched from Top of Stadium Hits Player

Talk about having some good aim and good luck! Not to mention epic paper airplane construction skills.

Yesterday evening, on May 30 at Wembley football game, Hansell Riojas was the unlikely recipient of a paper airplane nearly to the face. Launched directly from the top of the stadium, it was not the only paper airplane to be thrown that match, but it was undeniably the best shot of the evening.

What were fans doing folding paper airplanes and throwing them during the match you might ask?

The Guardian reports that it was paper clappers handed out by the FA that were being folded into the airborne projectiles.

If the sport itself is not entertaining enough, then the fans will find their own ways to have fun. Regardless, it is highly doubtful that anyone will be launching paper airplanes that are this perfectly timed anytime in the near future.

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