Corvette Driver Taking Two Spaces Gets Instant Karma
Credit: AnotherCJMajor
Is there anything that people hate more than a bad driver?

How about a bad parker?

Redditor AnotherCJMajor certainly was not going to stand to let one jerky Corvette driver get away with taking up two parking spaces. According to the jeep driver, the parking lot was already semi-busy and after driving for two hours, he wasn't going to let this guy get away parking in such a fashion.

In fact, he even recorded a video from the inside of the restaurant, of the Corvette driver returning. What makes the video even better is the two men who walk behind the car and laugh at him as the owner is inspecting it for damage.

Let this be a lesson to all car owners: if you want to avoid getting dings in your car, don't take up two spaces like a self-entitled brat, just park in the back away from mainstream traffic, and enjoy the fresh air.

In the meantime, can somebody get this jeep driver a medal?

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