10 Creepy and Unexplained Glitches in Reality

Glitches in reality might just be some of the weirdest phenomenon occurring today.

Also known as 'glitches in the matrix,' these unusual events help provide evidence to the theory that our existence may be nothing more than part of a computer simulation. In other words, the plot of the movie The Matrix is our reality. All of our human bodies are being used as batteries to power up and give life to our machine overlords.

Okay, human bodies actually make extremely poor batteries for machines and that's a discussion all on its own. Putting aside the fact that the entire premise for The Matrix is flawed (despite it being a great movie), the idea remains that there are some really weird glitches in reality happening.

Want to know the best part?

Some of them have been captured on video and by camera.

Below, take a look at some of the creepiest and most unexplained glitches in reality that have visual evidence to back them up.

1. The ghost car that disappears during a police chase

Does this sound weird? That's because it is.

During what would otherwise be a non-notable police chase the perpetrator suddenly appears on the other side of a chain-link fence. The fence is intact, yet the vehicle is on one side while the cops are stuck on the other.

The driver managed to successfully escape his or her pursuers and has ever since been dubbed the 'ghost car.'

There's a decent chance you may have seen this video before, which just goes to prove how utterly baffling it is. It's been shown on both police chase and paranormal shows. Although, there might be a rational explanation. What do you think?

2. Teleporting bicycle

In this strange and short clip, a biker suddenly appears from behind the guy standing on the left.

There isn't much else going on, which really gives you a good chance to observe and notice that the guy doesn't cycle into the frame. He just appears right in the middle, seemingly out of thin air.

Camera glitch, hoax or teleporting biker from a parallel dimension? You decide.

3. The referee from nowhere

Similar to the last video, a hockey referee seemingly appears completely out of nowhere.

Right at the seven second mark a referee pushes his way between two of the players. Rewinding and rewatching this video over and over just makes it even more confusing because there appears to be absolutely no sign of him approaching from any direction.

Did this referee just transfer in from a parallel dimension or has he mastered the art of stealth more proficiently than any ninja ever could?

4. Another ghost car

Russian dashboard cams catch a lot of really weird stuff, but this is the first time I've ever seen one witness a car materialize out of thin air.

At the 41 second mark a car speeds through the traffic light, startling both the filming driver and the vehicle in front, causing both to stop out of shock and accidentally collide.

What really sets this video apart is its quality. While some of the other videos look like they were filmed with a potato, in this one you can see everything really clearly. It's quite obvious that the car wasn't in the frame seconds before it materialized.

5. Some electronics stop working only in a very small area

Chances are that you haven't seen this video before and there's a good reason for that. This is actually a video I recorded at my own house four years ago.

Yes, I had my own glitch in reality experience. Fortunately, I had a video camera around and I wanted to document my own evidence. Here's what I was able to deduce.
  • The garage door opener wasn't working.
  • Earlier in the day, the doorbell started ringing on its own.
  • The van keys (lock and unlock buttons) stopped working in our driveway.
  • As soon as the van left the drive the lock and unlock buttons would work again.
Sound weird? It was. This actually happened on two separate occasions within months and then never again. I still have no idea to this day what caused it.

6. Teleporting dog

We've covered teleporting bikes, referees and cars so far, so why not a dog too?

This dog really had a close call with a couple of speed racers as he popped up onto the middle of the road out of nowhere. There's another video which may debunk this as a glitch and offer some extra insight, but it's still really weird to watch.

7. Hitbox issue

glitch in reality
I'm not sure how exactly to title this one but 'hitbox issue' seems to be fairly accurate. It reminds me of video-games where you can clearly see a character model is not quite matching up with its environment.

Despite having a bit of a silly ending, it's really bizarre to watch. Why can't the liquid seem to make contact with his face?

Weird? Definitely.

8. Guy disappears and reappears two hours later

This is another really popular glitch in reality that you may have seen before. In fact, some people don't even call it a glitch in reality or a glitch in the matrix. Instead, it's proof of an alien abduction taking place.

Maybe it is or maybe it isn't. Others theorize that it could have also been a lightning strike.

No one can be 100 percent certain what happened for sure, but something definitely did happen and whatever it was remains controversial to this day.

9. The Soloway Spaceman

glitch in reality
Used Under Fair Use
No video for this one, just a picture.

The mystery of the Soloway Spaceman has always been a personal favourite of mine, and an extremely odd matter to boot.

In 1964, Elizabeth Templeton and her father, Jim, were in a field together when Jim snapped this photo with what looks like a man in a spacesuit standing behind his daughter. Other than the two of them, he says the field was completely deserted. To this day, Jim Templeton stands by his story.

It gets even stranger. According to a 2014 BBC article, Jim was visited by two 'Men in Black' after his story went viral, who only referred to each other as Number 9 and Number 11. Unlike their movie portrayals, the real Men in Black have commonly been described as some of the weirdest and most terrifying entities that exist. They only show up with very certain alien and similarly related events.

They seem to show up and ask the person they came to see to keep quiet about what he or she saw... or else.

Remind you of any particular character from The Matrix?

10. Glitches in the sky

What do all of these other glitches have in common?

They were filmed and photographed on the ground.

This last one is a bit different because it's concentrated on phenomenon slightly higher up. The video creator has put together a compilation of some unusual anomalies in the atmosphere. While at least one of them (the melting moon) has been solved, the others are still raising some questions.

Watch it and let us know if you have any ideas about what's happening. We're curious to hear. Then again, maybe the best answer is that they're just glitches in reality.

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