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It's rumoured that Netflix is creating an epic live action The Legend of Zelda series. While that may still be some ways off, other organizations are creating epic live action Legend of Zelda short movies right now.

A group called The Zelda Project has teamed up with Player Piano Music to create the epic live action movie trailer shown below. This is a beautiful lead-up to what they ultimately both hope and intend to create. In fact, it's something that the rest of us die-hard Legend of Zelda fans can only dream of: the final battle between Link and Ganondorf from The Ocarina of Time.

If the beautiful scenery, cinematography and costume designs in this trailer are any indication of what's to come in the final battle scene then things look very promising. If the trailer video doesn't make it clear enough just how much time and effort The Zelda Project has been putting into their epic live action movie, their website certainly does.

The site contains beautiful photo sets from The Lost Woods, Lon Lon Ranch and the Fire Temple. Not only do the pictures show off Link, but also other iconic characters from The Ocarina of Time like Malon, Saria and of course, Link's fairy, Navi.

There are also plenty of other useful resources on the website such as a FAQ section that addresses some of the most important question any Zelda fan wants to know, including the big one - in the movie, will Link talk? According to The Zelda Project, there is no need to have Link talk in the movie trailer. As for the film itself, they state that "Certain elements of his story can be used to explain away his lack of desire to talk."

We will have to wait until the film's actual release to find out exactly what The Zelda Project has in store for its fans. There is currently no release date set for the actual epic Legend of Zelda movie and the website simply states that they will be producing it this year. Hold your breath and wait with anticipation until the final live battle scene between Link and Ganondorf takes place, once and for all!

Enjoy the embedded trailer below.

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