Boredom Cures
Here at What to Do When Bored we want to provide you with tons of cures for your boredom.

How? It's simple. For starters, just browse around this website. There are hours of entertainment to be found here in the way of animals, games, technology, music, remarkable places and more.

Not enough? No worries! Here is a HUGE list of amazing places on the web that will absolutely 100% guarantee you hours of entertainment.

This is a hand-crafted list, meaning that every item on here is something we have either used or written about (in many cases, both). Here, we are trying to curate the best.

If you think a website belongs on this list that you don't see here, visit our Facebook page and send us a private message with your recommendation or simply leave us a comment below. We'll check it out and if we like it, we may include it!

Being bored sucks, so let's do something about it.

Apps (non-games):

Boredom Cures

Apps don't have to be games in order to cure your boredom (although it usually helps). There are great apps out there you can have fun with.

DuoLingo: Available for free for both Android and iOS, this language learning app is phenomenal. With plenty of languages to choose from, it makes language learning fun and interactive, almost like a game. You will start speaking a second or third language in no time.

Google Translate: Originally I was going to include an app called 'Word Lens' into this list until I learned that Google bought them out and incorporated their technology into Google Translate. The most incredible feature of this app is that you can point your phone's camera at words and through augmented reality, it will translate that text in real-time, right on your screen for you.

Geocaching: (Android Intro | iOS Intro | Android Full | iOS Full) Sort of a game but you play it in the real world. If you haven't heard of geocaching before, no worries, many people haven't. Around the world there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of packages (ie. geocaches) hidden. Chances are you've walked right by them before without even noticing. Check out the location map, download the app, and get started on the ultimate urban exploration scavenger hunt.

Apps (games):

Boredom Cures

This is a really difficult list to curate simply because of the MASSIVE number of apps out there. We're going to stay away from recommending really popular games that everyone already knows about (ie. Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, etc.) and instead focus on smaller, more independent games that it's less likely you've heard of.

CastleStorm: (Android | iOS | Steam) This game combines Angry Birds, with Castle Defence, with some good 'ol hack and slashing. It's tons of fun and although there are in-game purchases, if you login every day you can easily accumulate enough crystals so that you'll never have to pay to progress. The game is huge, has tons of content, plenty of humour and great graphics.

SpaceTeam: (Android | iOS) You'll need two to four people for this one. Make sure everyone has the app and then connect either via wifi or bluetooth. Shout commands to your friends while trying to obey all the commands your friends give you. Play cooperatively to pilot a spaceship. Tons of fun on its own and even better with beer.

Speed Hiker: (Android) Simple, yet extremely addicting. Use gravity to race against other people. Use victory coins to improve your character's stats.

Samurai Defender: (Android | iOS) This is a fun take on the Castle Defense genre. In Samurai Defender you defend your castle, with archers and other warriors against an incoming army of enemy invaders. Use power ups to increase your strength, defence and forces.

Duet: (Android | iOS) In Duet you spin a red paintball and a blue paintball around a circle, with only one goal. Don't crash into anything. Sound simple? It's not. It's fun, addictive, and has a beautiful soundtrack.

Carcassonne: (Android | iOS) What started as a board game is now also an app. Lay down tiles to form castles, fields, monasteries and more. Capture them to gain points and steal them from your rivals to take their points. It's an incredible strategy game and if you like it then you can go out and purchase the real board game.

Papi Games: (Android | iOS) Currently there are about 28 different Papi games on the Google Play market. They load quickly and the gameplay is usually simple to learn, difficult to master. I've linked to Papi Jump because it's my personal favourite, but there are plenty to choose from to cure your boredom.

Browser Games:

Boredom Cures

The nice thing about browser games is that there isn't really anything special required to play. Just click the link and begin. Here are a few select choices.

8 Letters in Search of a Word: It's like a Scrabble practice game. Create as many words as you possibly can in the time allotted. Bigger words earn you more points.

Everybody Panic!: A really tricky game where you have to keep your red line inside the play area by either using the mouse or arrow keys. Fun but also really frustrating at times.

Sugar, Sugar: How well can you build platforms to make enough sugar fall into the bowl? Educational and entertaining.

Continuity: Move the boxes around to create and rearrange pathways. Control your stickman, find the key and get to the door. It's a super fun strategy game with amazing music, making it feel like you're on an epic adventure.

Z-Type: This game is actually designed to help kids learn to type and the gameplay is sort of like Space Invaders. Type the words on the alien spaceships fast enough and you'll blow them up. Even though it's meant to teach typing, it's stupidly fun.

Tontie: Tontie is sort of like Whack-A-Mole, but you play it with your keyboard's number pad. Smash the Tonties as they appear by hitting the corresponding key. Get upgrades to make it easier, but beware the new Tontie types that appear with each level. Put both your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the test!

Super Smash Flash: Are you a fan of the Super Smash Bros games? Then you'll love this. This independent browser game mirrors the Nintendo classics, including a huge array of characters, both inside and outside of the Nintendo universe. The controls are basically identical to the console version and so is the gameplay.

Creepy Stuff:

Boredom Cures
Source: Flickr | Jvetterli
Because who doesn't love to be creeped out from time-to-time?

Exit Mundi: Exit Mundi is a site probably as old as the Internet itself, which is obvious by its design. Let's face it, that's half of the creepy charm. The site's tagline is 'A Collection of End World Scenarios.' Read as much as you dare because it is easy to get creeped out out by all the terrible ways our planet could end. Unfortunately the site appears to be down now, but it's still accessible via the WayBack Machine which I've linked to.

/r/Creepy: Reddit can be creepy for many reasons, most notably how it makes hours pass in what feels like seconds. If you'd like to see the top creepy content ever posted to reddit of all time, click this link instead.


Boredom Cures
Source: Flickr | Everypassingminute
Finding documentaries is easy. Finding amazing documentaries is more challenging. This might be one of the most subjective sections on this ultimate resource list so by all means, leave a comment with your suggestions or send us a private Facebook message. The rules: documentaries listed here must be linked to directly and not locked behind a login (ie. no Netflix documentaries).

Do Not Track: Ever wonder who's tracking us and what they're doing with all that information? Directed by Brett Gaylor, this awesome documentary answers that and much more. It's interactive, so be prepared to answer questions while watching.

What Is Time?: In this awesome documentary by the BBC, hosted by Japanese string theory pioneer, Michio Kaku, you will discover the forces of time that make and destroy us. You will learn about the origins of time at a planetary level. And you will venture on a cosmic journey to search for the beginning and end of time itself. The YouTube playlist is slightly out of order so you will have to manually adjust it for a few episodes.

Stanford Prison Experiment: This extremely controversial experiment made volunteers play the role of either a prisoner or a prison guard in a mock-jail at Stanford University. The results were quite disturbing, which is why it has largely been the subject of much discussion, even today.


Boredom Cures
Source: Flickr | Aigle_dore
While Kindle, Kobo, Amazon, Google Books, and even the library may seem like obvious choices to find reading material, the goal here is to suggest a few sources that are slightly more specific and niche.

/r/NoSleep: If scary stories are your thing then you're going to love NoSleep. Redditors write creepy stories, with many of them being several-parters. One of the most fun parts about NoSleep is that in order to comment on stories, you need to get into character; in short, you treat everything on NoSleep as if it's true. Click here for the top submissions of all time.

/r/WritingPrompts: Have a story idea? Need a story idea? Submit your own topic or check out the topics other people have submitted and then click one to read short stories replies others have come up with. You can also try your hand at writing your own stories in response to other people's submissions. Full transparency: here are the writing prompts I've submitted. Feel free to subscribe to my personal subreddit if you like them.

Listverse: If top 10 lists are your thing then you're going to love Listverse. The website has been around for years and has tons of incredibly interesting lists that will leave you reading for hours on end.


It's easy to get lost in reading a good webcomic and there are plenty of amazing ones out there. If you're even vaguely familiar with webcomics then you're probably well aware of the most popular ones, such as CTRL+ALT+DEL, Penny Arcade, XKCD and Cyanide & Happiness. Here the goal is to highlight and hopefully introduce you to some lesser known, amazing webcomics.

Misfile: Misfile is the story of Ash Upton, who was accidentally turned into a girl by an inept pot-smoking angel. Ash is also a racer so this comic focuses on what life would be like if you suddenly woke up one day and found out you were the opposite gender, plus car and racing stuff. It updates every weekday and has been ongoing since 2004, so you'll need to set aside a good chunk of time if you'd like to read this from the beginning, which I would recommend.

Least I Could Do: LICD started off in 2003 and it was about a man named Rayne Summers, who was essentially a womanizer. Sort of the comic equivalent of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother or Joey Tribbiani from Friends. The comic and characters have both immensely evolved since then and the strip now incorporates a huge cast and deals with a wide variety of topics and issues. Sometimes it's political, sometimes it's nerdy, often it's bizarre. It's also one of the few comics out there where the characters age in real time. Updates 7 days a week.

Grrl Power: Girl Power follows Sydney, a hyper-active, ADD tomboy who recently obtained super powers in a world where 'Supers' are starting to appear. The characters, dialogue and artwork are all fantastic. Even though the comic has been ongoing since 2010, so far the storyline has only covered one day. It updates Monday and Thursday.

The Wotch: Anne Onymous is a teenage girl who inherited the title and all the accompanying magical powers of 'The Wotch,' from a magical flute this one time at band camp. It started in 2002 and has had a continuous storyline ever since. It's family friendly, has a great plot, plus tons of hilarious moments. Updates are now incredibly rare, but fortunately, there's a huge archive.

The Adventures of Business Cat: It's a hilarious comic about what it would be like if a cat was the CEO of a major corporation. It's sort of like when Brian from Family Guy acts like a dog, even though he acts like a human most of the time. It's supposed to update every Friday but it seems more or less random.

YouTube Channels:

Boredom Cures

Choosing a diverse list of great YouTube channels can be extremely tricky, but it's safe to say these selections won't leave you bored.

Bored Shorts TV (Kid Snippets): Comedy for all ages. Kid Snippets asks young children to have a discussion about an ordinary subject (fire fighting, proposals, job interviews) and then has adults act them out, lip syncing the kid's voices. Since you never know what kids are going to say, the results are hilariously unpredictable.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Rick Grimes vs. Walter White! Mario Bros vs. Wright Bros! Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye! Who won? Who's next? - YOU DECIDE!!!

Fine Brothers Entertainment (Kids/Elders React): There's no better way of feeling old than watching kids react with awe and amazement to technology that you grew up with. Apparently dial tones and busy signals are already outdated. As for the original Game Boy? Don't even try to get started.

The Game Theorists: Not to be confused with the actual scientific game theory, this channel deals exclusively with video-game theories. The topics are incredibly well researched and will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about video-game lore. Is Mario actually a psychopath? Does Companion Cube have a dark secret? Is Link dead in Majora's Mask? Watch and find out.

ScrewAttack! (Death Battle): It mostly deals with video-game characters, but sometimes goes outside that realm. Death Battle finally answers the ultimate questions burning in countless people's minds -which characters would win and lose if pitted against each other in a fight to the death? Goku or Superman? Lex Luthor or Iron Man? Terminator or RoboCop? Character strengths and weaknesses are all compared first, and then you watch them duke it out till one of them is dead.

Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox: What started as a couple of simple cover songs quickly evolved into something much greater. Scott Bradlee, Robyn Adele Anderson and the rest of the Postmodern Jukebox team take modern songs and remix them into vintage masterpieces, adapting various musical styles such as motown, jazz, country, folk and so much more. Check out this post for more info and links to some of their most popular songs.

Veritasium: Veritasium is about everything to do with science and engineering. They take complicated topics and theories and discuss them in a way that's easy to understand, fun and engaging. Occasionally they tackle other topics too, such as this video from last year where they revealed how Facebook uses fake likes for revenue.

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