Crazy Cat

Everyone loves a hilarious crazy cat video and its easy to wrapped up for hours watching your favourites on YouTube.

What's the point of going outside today when you can have more fun than kittens with hundreds of boxes to play in by watching these instead?

Hit play, sit back, smile and enjoy!

5. Cats in the boxes

When one cat per video isn't enough, how about 9 instead?

One YouTube channel owner owns 9 cats, has millions of video views and over 11,000 subscribers. Watching this, it's no wonder why!

You've probably heard of a Jack-in-the-Box but have you ever heard of a cat-in-the-box before? Give 20 boxes to 9 cats and watch an absolute disarray of cuteness and craziness follow.

4. A wild compilation of crazy cat out-takes

No list would be complete without a wild compilation in it. If you have an extra 15 minutes to kill, then hit play and start laughing. These are some of the most hilarious cat videos on YouTube, all put together in one convenient video for you to enjoy.

3. The crazy cat shower

Aren't cats supposed to HATE the water? There are oddballs in every species it seems. If there's at least one cat out there that doesn't mind getting a bit wet (and actually enjoys it) then it's probably this one.

There's something oddly satisfying about watching a cat choose to dunk its head under a running tap and lap up the water with its tongue.

2. Welcome to The Cat House

This crazy cat video you might not believe even after seeing it. Skip to the 25 second mark in the above video for the good part to begin. Bob Walker and Francis Mooney have quite literally built 'The Cat House,' an absolute haven for our feline friends, complete with tunnels and neon-lit catwalks.

Crazy or awesome? Either way, it kind of makes you want to be a cat in that house.

1. The deadly stalker cat of doom

We all know cats like to hunt, but have you ever seen one hunt a video-camera before? This deadly stalker cat of doom is on the prowl and it would probably be scary if it wasn't just so dang cute instead.

Did you enjoy this list? Let us know your favourite in the comments.

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