It's Father's Day, 2015, and humans aren't the only one with cause to celebrate. Some of the cutest animal families are celebrating too.

Enjoy the pictures below! What animal families are too cute to be real here?

1.  This heated discussion between royal white tigers
Flickr | Laurent Bartkowski

2. This baby barbary macaque monkey family.
Monkey Forest - Baby Barbary Macaque with parents

3. This snow leopard family, Villy (left) and Djamila (right) at the Zürich zoo.
A proud couple

4. This family of owls just after feeding their owlet.
When you've got to go........

5. This family of Canada Geese with two goslings.
Two geese with young one

6. These black swans and their little one.
Cygnet~black swan

7. These two having a beach picnic.
Beach Picnic

8. This elephant hanging out with its baby.
baby elephant hangs out with parent

9. This stork with its babies. Wait, who delivers the stork's babies?.
Stork and babies

10. This Osprey chick family perched on the railroad bridge.

11. This juvenile barn swallow gaping for an adult.
Fledged Barn Swallow

12. This swan family going for a swim.

13. This grivet monkey family just chilling out.
Grivet Monkey Family

14. This Adélie Penguin chick being happy that food is on its way.
Adélie Penguin chick flaps with excitement--food is coming!

15. These squirrels just relaxing in the sun.

16. This lion king, queen and cub.
Three together

17. These giraffes... parent and child.
Giraffe's parent and child

18. This little one gettin' a licking.
Aww.....cut it out!  I don't need to be licked!

19. Goeldi's Monkeys, parent and child at the Edinburgh Zoo.
Goeldi's Monkeys - Parent and Child

20. These elephants grouping together.
Elephant group

21. This zebra just begging to be fed.
feed me. feed me.

22. This bluetit finally being fed by its parent.
Baby Blue 3

Isn't nature just wonderful and majestic? Do you have a favourite picture from this lit? Please leave us a comment below and let us know!

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