Bored on the Internet
So, you're bored on the internet are you?

Fortunately you've come to the right place because in this post you will find a gigantic list of 101 things to do when you're bored on the internet!

Now... STOP! Before you go any further, know that this list has been categorized into six different categories so we can help cure your boredom based on what you would like to do.

Tell us what you would like to do and click on the big colourful letters to go cure your boredom.

1) Watch some EPICALLY ENTERTAINING videos!
2) Browse through INSANELY INGENIOUS websites!
3) Laugh at some HILARIOUSLY WITTY wins!
4) Play some AWESOMELY ADDICTIVE games!
5) Enhance yourself with SUPER FORMS of self-improvement!
6) Check out other INCREDIBLE MUST-VISIT sites!

Bored on the Internet
1. Where the Hell Is Matt?: One man, many countries, lots of dancing. Totally inspirational.

2. Epic Universe Zoom Out: Turn your volume up and make your volume fullscreen. Wash your worries away.

3. Goku vs. Superman: It's a deathbattle between two super-giants. Finally the answer to a long awaited question about who is stronger!

4. Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor: Another epic death battle. Which man in machine is strongest?

5. Watch Documentaries: Documentaries about everything you could ever want to watch and more. All free.

6. Whose Line Is it Anyway?: Because improv comedy rules!

7. Time documentary: Learn about Earth time, daytime, cosmic time and more. Hosted by renowned physicist, Michio Kaku.

8. TED videos: Sometimes inspirational, sometimes humourous, always informative and always incredible.

9. Music video from Windows XP and 98 sounds: Who knew old technology could sound so beautiful?

10. The Legend of Zelda timeline: A series originally meant for stand-alone games now has an official order, and it's unlike anything you could imagine.

11. Spread the Word: Documentaries they don't want you to see.

12. Convincing ghost videos: For those who need a little paranormal intrigue in their lives.

13. Kung-fu movies: Enough to satisfy any fan of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

14. Adults acting out kid's stories: Give a kid storytelling power and there's no telling what will happen next - literally.

15. Wear Sunscreen: Ironically, almost nothing to do with wearing sunscreen. Inspirational and awesome.

16. Lindsey Stirling: Techno violinist with killer dance moves. What's not to love?

17. Postmodern Jukebox: Modern music remixed into vintage styles.

Bored on the Internet

18. Interactive music video: When simply watching a music video isn't enough.

19. Geocities-izer: Turn any modern website into an early 90's creation, complete with obnoxious dancing icons.

20. Play these 16 YouTube videos in any order: Create your own masterpiece. Different every time.

21. Understanding Inception: An awesome movie but also a confusing one. Here's an interactive explanation that anyone can follow.

22. The Pixar Theory: Do all the Pixar movies take place within the same universe and timeline? This theory says so and gives a lot of evidence to prove it.

23. Click heat map survey: Where did you click and where did everyone else click?

24. The Internet in real time: Watch the Internet grow in real time.

25. The internet grows: How fast is the internet expanding each second? Check this out and see.

26. More Of It: Type in a website you like and it will show you other similar websites.

27. Songza: Play songs based on the time of day and your mood. Something for everyone and for every hour.

28. Spacesounds: A collection of cool, soothing sounds, including ones from outer space.

29. Scope of the solar system: If only the moon was one pixel large. Just hold the 'right' arrow key and start scrolling.

30. Legoizer: Turn any image into Lego and then find out exactly what pieces you need to build a replica.

31. Data in beautiful graphs: Even seemingly boring information can be beautiful when presented properly.

32. You're getting old: Type in your age and get detailed information about your life and what's happened since you were born.

33. Explore the size of the galaxy: An awesome cosmic journey that takes you from our solar system all the way to the edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

34. Explore the scale of the universe: Visualize the universe from microscopic to too big to comprehend.

35. Turn words into videos: Type words and creative a video based on what you typed. Just for fun, type 'this is Sparta.'

36. Chrome Experiments: A collection of various experiments using Javascript in Chrome. Browse around and who knows what you might find?

Bored on the Internet

37. Emails from an asshole: What happens when one man takes it upon himself to troll Craigslist? Hilarity.

38. Maddox: The self-proclaimed 'best page in the universe.' Scroll down and click the link that says 'back to how much I rule' to let the humour begin.

39. Passive Aggressive Notes: Because outright aggressive just isn't as funny.

40. Autocorrect fails: Awkward autocorrects are hilarious as long as they aren't happening to you.

41. TIFU: Laugh at other people's misfortunes and feel better about yourself in the process.

42. Useless websites: Most websites serve a purpose. These don't, which makes them entertaining as heck.

43. Stand-up comedy: Hey, it's their job to make us laugh.

44. The Oatmeal: Not actually about oatmeal. Comics on a variety of topics. They're all pretty awesome.

45. Not Always Right: The customer wants to always be right but those who work in customer service may think differently.

46. An inspired, passionate rant about grilled cheese: You wouldn't think someone could care this much about grilled cheese, but there it is.

47. Prank calls: Either make them yourself or listen to ones pulled off by others.

48. Funny jokes: As an added bonus, memorize a few to be a hit in social gatherings.

Bored on the Internet

49. Classic DOS Games: Play some of the oldest computer games and have fun. What's old is new again.

50. Steam: Tons of games at various price levels. More than hours of entertainment.

51. Akinator: Akinator is a genie that will guess whatever character you are thinking of. It's really hard to beat him.

52. The Grid: Why play one game at a time when you could play 16 instead? Put those multitasking skills to the ultimate test.

53. Flippin Ninja: Scale walls like a real ninja! Find collectables and reach the end of each level

54. 8 Letters in Search of a Word: It's sort of like Scrabble but single-player and much faster paced.

55. Kitty Cannon: No actual kitties were harmed in the making of this game.

56. Weave Silk: Create beautiful art with your mouse, even if you have no idea how to draw. Also available for iOS.

57. Cards Against Originality: Very similar to Cards Against Humanity. Play online with friends.

58. SpaceTeam: (Android | iOS): Play with your friends and yell at each other. Much better with beer. Two to four players.

59. Continuity: Move boxes around to form rooms and pathways. Reach the end of each level.

60. Touch Pianist: Play complicated beautiful music with a single keyboard key, even if you don't know how to play music. Also available for Android and iOS.

61. Find the different cube: Test your colour perception skills!

62. Play with gravity: You don't win or lose this game, you just have fun.

63. Geocaching: (Android Intro | iOS Intro | Android Full | iOS Full): There's a scavenger hunt for geocaches taking place right now all around the world. Are you part of it yet?

64. CastleStorm(Android | iOS | Steam): It's Angry Birds meets Tower Defence! Siege castles, hold off the invading army and fight with your hero!

65. Super Smash Flash: Very identical to any Super Smash Bros game, but this one features characters outside the Nintendo universe.

Bored on the Internet

66. Learn How to Code a Game: Create your own video-games and become a game dev.

67. DuoLingo: Learn multiple languages. Unlock achievements and track your progress. There's a huge community for this app too.

68. Impress someone in under 10 minutes: Learn something simple you can impress your friends with.

69. Learn sign language: For when it gets too noisy, or you run into someone with a hearing impairment.

70. Learn simple magic tricks: Become an instant hit at bars and parties.

71. Learn to draw: Even if your stick figures look completely deformed.

72. Make easy cash without leaving your computer: You're already bored so why not at least avoid being broke too?

73. Learn how to write a book: Stop talking about writing that novel and just do it already!

74. Learn to Photoshop: Then you can swap your best friend's face with a dog's.

75. Learn how to become attractive: A skill that will surely benefit anyone no matter who you are.

76. Plan your diet: Tell this system your diet goals and it gives you everything you need to succeed with them.

77. Learn to play guitar: Tons of fantastic lessons and all for free.

78. Learn to cook: Don't just cook, make it taste good too. This place will teach you how to do just that.

79. Develop a workout routineBecome fit and have fun while you do it.

80. Learn to code: Learn to do this and you'll be in demand no matter where you go. On the flip side you probably won't go outside as often anymore.

81. Improve your geography: Finally master those geography skills after you didn't pay attention in high school.

82. Increase your mental ability: Use Luminosity to figure out what you're good and bad at, and then get a personalized lesson plan to help you improve all your weaknesses.

83. Enhance your memory: Never forget anyone's name or birthday again.

84. Learn about passive income: Make money while you go to the bathroom and sleep.

Bored on the Internet
85. Short Creepy stories: Two sentences long and incredibly eerie.

86. Long creepy stories: Lots of good creepypasta. The cool thing about /r/NoSleep is that everyone gets in character and pretends the stories are real.

87. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks: Listen to audiobooks while in the car or on the subway.

88. Discover your family history: Everyone's family has a history. What's yours?

89. Boredom Cures: Y'know, just in case a list of 101 things to do when you're bored on the internet isn't enough.

90. StumbleUpon: Hit the 'stumble' button and discover a new webpage every time. Tons of goodies. Who knows what you'll come across?

91. George Takei: This man's Facebook timeline could keep anyone entertained for a lifetime.

92. Listverse: Full of top well-researched top 10 lists. You'll always leave smarter than when you arrived.

93. Creepy Google Maps finds: Google captures everything, even stuff it was never meant to.

94. Mind-blowing animal pictures: Enjoy looking at pictures of cute animals.

95. 100 years ago today: Check out news headlines and articles from exactly 100 years ago.

96. Awwducational: Look at cute animal pictures and learn something while you're at it.

97. Get inspired to Photoshop: Once you've watched this, go to #74 on this list.

98. Free Rice: Answer questions and help donate rice to the third world as a result. Put your boredom to good use.

99. Myers-Briggs test: The most eerily accurate personality test that exists.

100. What to Do When Bored's Best Of's: Hey, a little bit of self-promotion never hurt anyone.

101. Help improve Cards Against Humanity: Answer questions about your favourite vulgar card game and make it even more lewd in the next version.

With a list this size it's relatively safe to say you should have a difficult time being bored on the internet ever again!

If you have any additional websites that will help stop you from being bored on the internet please let us know in the comments.

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