Making easy cash without leaving your computer? Must be a scam!

While there certainly are scams and get-rich-quick schemes, there are also very real and very legitimate ways to earn a few extra spending dollars from your computer.

Let's be honest; today's economy isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Getting a job can be tough, which is why options like freelancing, affiliate marketing and even multi-level marketing are becoming increasingly attractive.

The good news is that you don't have to write a resume to make an income these days. In fact, if you take advantage of these methods and do them well then you can build a pretty good career for yourself and start living the dream life.After all, the'The 4-Hour Work Week' is popular and successful for a reason.

Now let's get to the part about making easy cash. Here are 10 different ways you can do that without leaving your computer.

10. Make a blog and sign up for Google Adsense

Easy Cash

An incredibly simple way to start earning money online is by building a blog or a website and placing Google Adsense ads on it. There are also other ad platforms available such as Bing ads and Yahoo ads, although Google Adsense tends to be the most popular.

The process is simple enough. Go to Google Adsense and register an account. You can make your own blog with Google blogger in minutes, however, if you want more control then you might wish to create a Wordpress website instead. You'll have to pay around $50 for one year's hosting with a web host such as Host Gator (I personally recommend it. It has great service, speed and customer service) and you'll have absolute control.

There are plenty of helpful resources online for getting started. Check out this video from Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income website to see just how easy it is to get started.

9. Visit /r/BeerMoney and look for cool ideas

Reddit has tons of good uses and one of those giving you different ways for making a easy cash without leaving your computer. The aptly named /r/BeerMoney probably won't make you rich overnight, but it will give you a few extra bucks in your pockets.

And don't worry, you don't have to spend your extra side income on beer, but if you do then feel free to pass one over this way.

8. Complete online surveys

Easy Cash

Online survey sites are all the rage these days. Why not earn a few dollars (or items) for giving your opinion?

Actually, it goes a little further than that. Sometimes it's a survey, other times it's trying out products or services. Either way, the reward goes into your pocket.

Here are a few popular ones you can check out:

1) Mysurvey: Accumulate points and redeem them for items. Also available on Android and iOS.
2) Cash Crate: Try products and services for free. Earn cash rewards, cashback and prizes.
3) MyView: Give your opinions on a variety of topics and earn rewards.
4) Google Opinions: Earn credits towards your Google Play store balance.

Got any others? Let us know in the comments. Also let us know if you've had any success with these.

7. Sell affiliate products

Easy Cash

Adding on to #10, once you have your own website then there are multiple ways to earn extra cash, and one of those is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing gives you an incentive to promote other people's products by earning you a commission.

Some larger affiliate providers such as Apple and Amazon want you to already have a website set-up in order to get started as an affiliate, but others might not. Getting started is easy; just go to Google and type "[name of brand you want to promote] affiliate program" and see if they have one.

One important key to success is to only promote products you use yourself and like. Don't become a used car salesman trying to push a cheap lemon off onto someone just to make easy cash.

6. Become a Clickworker

Easy Cash

It might not be as glamorous as being a red carpet celebrity, but it will make you a few extra bucks on the side.

Clickworkers perform tasks such as writing, translating, proofreading, researching and collecting data. Plus, there's always work to be done.

Even better, you get to decide what kind of tasks you're interested in performing, without any obligation. Sign up and give it a try.

For those who are curious about how it works: you are responsible for completing one small part of a much larger project. Imagine you and 5,000 other people all write two sentences in succession of each other. Alone, you've only written a single sentence, but together, all 5001 of you have written a book. Not only that, but then another 5,001 people proofread each of those sentences.

Voila; you have Clickworker.

5. Become your own travel agent with #BYOTA

Easy Cash

At the time of this posting, Be Your Own Travel Agent is pretty new, so chances are good that you haven't heard of them.

That's okay! The concept is simple.

If you're planning a vacation, rather than getting a travel agent to make the booking, you can do it yourself and earn a commission. If you're travelling with a group, you can even book the vacation for the entire group and earn a rebate off of every person. If you have a large enough party, your trip will literally pay for itself.

If you're the more generous type, you can also give the rebate to someone else or even donate it to charity. Not a bad alternative to booking a vacation the traditional way.

Because the service is so new, now's a great time to get started and become an early BYOTA entrepreneur.

4. Use Swagbucks to get free gift cards

Easy Cash

Do the same stuff you do online everyday but earn gift cards as a reward while you're at it. For instance, you can shop, search, watch movies, play games, answer questions or take part in a poll.

What kind of rewards can you earn?

You can earn gift cards towards apparel, electronics, food, games, health and beauty products, house and home, music and entertainment, sports and outdoors, and also travel.

Click this link to sign up. You'll earn 150 Swagbucks just for creating an account.

3. Go on Fiverr and sell your special talents

Easy Cash

Everyone is good at something. Why not make some extra cash from your specialities?

If you're unfamiliar with Fiverr, it's like the Etsy of the service industry. It's like what Elance is to eBay.

You can buy and sell all kinds of cool services for $5.00. As a seller you also have the option of charging more than $5 by providing extra services, but you need to provide at least a basic service for just five bucks. It's a really great place to go if you have something unique to offer. Some gigs are creative, some are useful, others are just downright weird.

Getting started is easy enough. Just sign up, describe what you're offering and wait. Of course, if you really want to stand out then you should make a short video describing your service and put time and effort into making your profile shine.

2. Sell stuff you make or don't need any more

Easy Cash

Who doesn't have clutter?

Fortunately, one man's junk is another's treasure, or something like that.

There are plenty of places to sell your merchandise online. eBay and Amazon are extremely popular but they take time to get started, plus they take commissions on what you sell.

Kijiji and Craigslist both let you place listings for free. The restriction is that you can only sell locally.

Etsy is a fantastic venue if you want to sell hand-crafted materials.

If you really fancy being an entrepreneur, then you might want to look into starting a Wordpress website and adding eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce or Shopsy.

Need some motivation? Check out this awesome post by Richard Lazazzera, where he explains how he created an online t-shirt business and made $347 on his first day.

1. Become a guest blogger

Easy Cash

Guest blogging doesn't always pay but it certainly can pay, depending where you go.

My recommendation is Listverse. They specialize in writing top 10 lists and are always open to taking submissions from their readers. It's a bit of work, but they will pay you $100 per post! That's some real, tangible cash in your pocket. It might not be the simplest way on this list to make easy cash but it's certainly one of the most substantial.

Another bonus of guest posting for Listverse is that they give you an author bio box to fill out, which will appear underneath your article. Here you can promote anything you're working on and even link to your website. Besides funnelling traffic your way, this is a great way to create a high-quality backlink, which is important for search engine optimization.

Is writing top 10 lists not your thing? Don't fret! There are plenty more websites that will pay you to write for them. Never has it been so easy to make money without leaving your computer.

Hopefully this post left you with a few ideas for making easy cash. Leave a comment with any other ideas, and if you found this article useful, please share it with your friends.

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