Alien Abductee and UFO Witness Stories
Disclaimer: This article does contain some strong language so consider yourself warned if you're offended by that sort of thing.

Reddit is always an interesting place full of stories, facts and information from people around the globe. Recently, one particular thread asked reddit users who claim to have either been abducted by aliens, or witnessed a UFO, to come forth with their story.

The thread in question was also marked with a [serious] tag, meaning that joke posts are not tolerated.

The discussion took off with some very interesting recounts. In this post, you'll find excerpts of some of the best ones.

Are they real or works of creative fiction? Read on and decide for yourself.

If you are interested in more stories of allegedly real alien abductions, I recommend checking out The Threat by David Jacobs.

10) A missing time recount

Read just about any alien abduction story and one common link you'll find is that abductees report experiencing 'missing time'. In other words, hours will inexplicably pass in seconds, with the abductees having no knowledge of what happened in-between. That's exactly what happened to Annihilating_Tomato.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

9) The floating ball in the sky seen by multiple witnesses

Saying that you spotted a strange glowing object in the sky is an easy enough claim to make. What adds extra authenticity is when other people who don't know each other can make the exact same claim. A number of different redditors shared an eerily similar story.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

8) The weird lights in the sky captured on video

Stories are nice, but when you can back them up with video evidence things really start to become more interesting. Disposableufo shares what he witnessed. The YouTube video is embedded below for you to check out.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

7) Multiple sightings and encounters by effinmike12

There's quite a bit of reading below so hopefully you're prepared to stick around for a while.

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

Alien Abductee and UFO Witness

6) A possible night-time alien abduction

Experiencing vivid dreams, discovering bruises on your body upon waking up and finding objects out of place in your house are all common links with people who report having been abducted by aliens, as they sleep. Redditor baconlr2002 has such a story.

5) A UFO seen really really close up

Reports of strange glowing objects far away in the sky are common, and more often than not, are identifiable as aeroplanes or other recognized man made objects. Things start getting stranger when you report seeing them as close as 30 feet away from you.

4) The strange looking creature that escaped

This one might not an encounter of an alien or a UFO, but nevertheless, masterraptorexploder saw something extremely creepy.

When another redditor asked masterraptorexploder if he could draw it, masterraptorexploder replied that he couldn't draw it that well, but it sort of looked like this Tikbalang, but without the claws, and it had a face that was much darker and creepier.

Even more unsettling was that another user also claims to have seen this thing.

Probably not the sort of creature you'd want to run across in the middle of the night, or day for that matter.

3) The boy who went missing for half a year

Quite possibly the strangest story to come out of this entire thread was the one about Gabriel, the Ethiopian boy who vanished into thin air and was missing for six months. When he finally returned he... well, go on and read for yourself.

It might be a little bit tricky to find any press relating to this particular incident. According to robert3131 who posted the story, there was a military coup in Ethiopia after 1969 and most likely a lot of news articles would have been lost. If you do happen to have something, please leave a comment on this article with a link.

2) An encounter with the Men in Black

If you've ever done any reading or digging into UFO folklore, you probably already know that the real Men in Black are potentially the most terrifying entities that allegedly exist. Stories of encounters with them are difficult to find, and that might be for good reason. The few stories that do exist certainly give you reason to believe that if you had an encounter with them, you wouldn't be highly inclined to talk about them either.

Fortunately, Uberob was willing to share and we are extremely thankful he did.

Below is the embedded imgur album from the above post and here is a link to the Wikipedia article in the image above.

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1) The black cube UFO sighting

A little while ago, a redditor aptly named IHAVESEEN saw something bizarre - a black cube UFO. He even detailed a sketch of what he witnessed.

Other users reported having seen similar black cube UFOs too. When asked to elaborate, IHAVESEEN stated that it was probably 500 feet up, beneath the clouds. It didn't cast any lights or shadows, it just left a vapor trail.

Whether or not you believe any of these stories is your call. Regardless, they certainly do make for some interesting reading. Have you ever seen a UFO or had something happen to you that you couldn't explain? Leave a comment and let us know.

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