Little Curses
In a recent AskReddit thread, users were asked "What little curse could you put on someone that would eventually drive them insane?" The answers might just prove that some people want to watch the world burn, or at least have the bejeezus annoyed out of it.

Yes, if you had one of these minor little curses put on you then you would probably lose your mind too.

1) "0.5s delay on all of their touch screen devices"
- Huomenna

2) "The sound is always off by a second every time they watch TV."

3) "Better yet, a 1-second delay on ALL sound they hear. Including conversations."
- wuop

4) "That one sock is always turned just enough to be slightly uncomfortable no matter how many times they adjust it"
- littlescatterbrain

5) "Every time they type a password or PIN in, they get it wrong the first two times."
- flosiraptor

6) "What about making them create a new, 15 character password every time they log in?"
- cashcow1

7) "Have them always forget one thing at home after they leave the house but have them realize it 10 minutes after leaving"
- Zoidfarbb

8) "They would constantly hallucinate red squiggly lines under correctly-spelled words while they type."
- Oima_Snoypa

9) "A constant itch in their toe nails. Or crumbs in their bed that can't be removed"
- Scentaurus

10) "Every time they say something the person they are speaking to can't hear them the first time so they have to repeat what was said."
- humaanahmmm

11) "Every time they tried to walk around a corner at night or through a doorway, they'd walk into a spiderweb."
- RobLowesVoice

12) "Making one chair leg always slightly smaller than the rest"
- Shlick99

13) "Never being able to getting rid of the popcorn shells stuck in their gum."
- amodia_x

14) "The inability to sneeze"
- kamjay

15) "No matter how hard they try, no matter where they go, the water to their shower/bath/kitchen sink will never get hotter than kind of warm. That slightly above lukewarm warm that won't leave you freezing but invites that cold breeze in the shower and makes you yearn for hotter water. But you will never get it. Never."
- inksmudgedhands

16) "Socks are always juuuuust a tiny bit damp."
- Starsy

17) "Every time they go through a stoplight, whether it's driving, taking the bus or crossing the road, the light is always red."
- professorMaDLib

18) "Every download, streaming video, gif or image never actually fully loads. 10% of it is missing every time."
- NotALickofSense

19) "they can get a date with any person in the world. they can not, however, get a second date. no matter what."
- pepg

20) "The gas tank always being on a random side of the car."
- indymash

21) "The batteries in their smoke detectors are always low.. not dead.. but low so that every 5 minutes or so there's that one beep in the background that gradually drives them crazy."
- christyanity

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