Whether you're a casual gamer who loves playing Angry Birds and Farmville, or a hardcore triple-A gamer who plays Overwatch and Battlefield, there is always a place for new Indie games on the market.

These new addictive indie Android games from aspiring game developers and game studios might not have thousands of players, but that doesn't make them any less fun. Today's indie developer might just be the one to come up with the next major title. Let's explore some of these new addictive indie Android games that you can play casually, or seriously, on your Android phone or tablet.

All of the games on this list were created with Unity, from the talented developers of the Unity2D subreddit.

#6: Jungle Jumpers

Jungle Jumpers

Jungle Jumpers is the first release from brand new Mississauga, Ontario-based studio, Wild Cockatiel Games. The website also offers game development tutorials so you can learn to create your own games.

The game itself is straight-forward and easy to pick-up. You play as a cute jungle animal trying to jump up as high as you can go, landing on new platforms. You tilt your device left and right to move (although you can change this in the options menu) and tap on the screen to jump, and again to double jump.

While it starts off fairly easy, levels become progressively harder as you get farther, scaling the difficulty with your skill. Regular platforms start to fall faster, bouncing platforms take less jumps before they fall of the screen, and rotating platforms become trickier to stand on.

As of the game's launch a couple of weeks ago, Jungle Jumpers offers three game modes (Jump, Bounce and Balance) and features 12 playable characters, 11 of which are unlockable. You can buy in-game currency to unlock characters faster, but as they are solely for cosmetic purposes and one offers no gameplay advantage over another, you can just as easily play the game and unlock them over time.

According to the game mode, new game modes and leaderboards are coming soon, so for now - keep jumping!

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#5: Blobout

Blobout is the first game to be released by KIDE Entertainment, based in Helsinki, Finland.

This game is advertised as "easy to pick up, hard to master," and that couldn't be more accurate. The controls are super simple. All you have to do is tap on your screen to make your blob jump off the wall, in an angle upwards. Tapping a second time makes the blob jump back to the same wall. Do this over and over to climb as high as you can while dodging obstacles.

Now about those obstacles...

While it might sound simple, Blobout throws randomly generated challenge after challenge at the player. You will have to dodge electric wall panels, buzzing saws, cannons, laser grids, swinging ball and chains and more to survive. Making just a single mistake means instant death. Blobout is completely unforgiving and that's what makes it such a fun addictive indie Android game.

In addition to the mechanics, you can also use in-game currency to customize your blob to your heart's desire. Like Jungle Jumpers, this is for cosmetic purposes only so you don't feel pressured into buying anything if you'd rather just earn your coins through gameplay.

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#4: Squitoes in the Shower

Squitoes in the Shower

From developer, Pocket Sand Studios, comes a buzzingly entertaining game called Squitoes in the Shower. This might very well be the one time you DON'T want a mosquito to die, because it would mean game over.

In this addictive indie Android game, take control of one of several mosquitoes and navigate through a shower, brimming with dangerous falling water droplets and green gas bubbles. Hold your finger on the screen to control the direction your squitoe moves and take caution to avoid colliding into any of the dangerous obstacles.

To make your life easier, your squitoe can also collect several powerups which will help her navigate the shower with more ease. Food makes your squitoe grow bigger and gain additional health, scuba gear lets her temporarily move through water droplets, a gas mask lets her safely go through green gas, and pilot's headgear allows her to fly faster.

You can unlock different skins for your squitoes as you play, making the fun last for even longer.

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#3: Fill the Gap

Fill the Gap is a fresh release from a group of developers called C.M.Programmers

The game offers a creative and unique style of play, where you inflate different shapes to fill up as much of the screen space as possible. It's more difficult than it sounds, as there is a red ball called the "sterminator" bouncing around, which will pop your shapes if it hits them. In order to prevent this, you must decide when to stop inflating your shapes. Stopping them from inflating prevents you from gaining any more points, but if your shape pops, you won't earn any points at all.

It's sort of like Tetris, only without lines or shapes clearing off the screen if they match up. In order to get the most points you must carefully decide when and where to place your shapes. Playing better earns you a higher rank, but it will be an extremely challenging task.

For the puzzle gamer, this is one indie android game you will love.

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#2: Ya Herd?

Ya Herd?

We heard ya like to herd sheep, and if that's true, then Ya Herd? is the game for you. This is the first game from developer Wych Way Studios.

In this simple infinite scroller, take on a running herd of sheep as you tap the screen to make them dodge obstacles blocking them from running to... somewhere. As the game progresses, the sheep run faster and it becomes harder and harder to dodge.

In terms of gameplay, this is probably the most simple game to learn, play and understand out of all the ones on the list. It also has a musical score to accompany it which is just hilariously perfect.

Have fun and herd faster!

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#1: Tumbly Beasts

Tumbly Beasts

In Tumbly Beasts, by New Zealand developer Thunder Storm Games, you smash and thrash your way downwards.

Tap on the screen to change the running direction of your tumbly beasts and hold the screen to SMASH downwards. Break through barrels which will give you various powerups and collect coins to unlock new beasts.

This game offers endless scroller fun and it becomes increasingly more difficult the longer you survive. If you can smash through more platforms, your score multiplier will increase, yielding you higher and higher numbers. Try to see how low you can go and how high you can climb with your score.

As you earn more coins you can also unlock new characters, which again, like the other games on this list, is for cosmetic benefit only.

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Hopefully these addicitve indie Android games will keep you entertained for a while! Enjoy, and help these indie developers out by leaving them Google Play reviews and feedback on their games.

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