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Toronto Stand Up Comedy Clubs
Welcome to the Toronto Stand Up Comedy Clubs page! On the calendar below, you can find detailed listings and information of many of the venues in the city that are hosting stand up comedy nights. We hope you find this information useful and share it with your friends.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee the information on this calendar is 100 percent correct. It is great to use it as a guide but also wise to double-check with the venue before heading out so you do not end up wasting precious gas or TTC tokens if something changed and did not update here.

Need to add a listing or make changes to information on this calendar? Contact us by sending us a message directly to our Facebook page (do not forget to like us while you are there!)

You can request changes, additions or removals to the calendar if:
  • Information on the calendar is not accurate.
  • A venue is no longer hosting stand-up comedy.
  • You want to have your venue added to the calendar.
If you are requesting changes, please supply us with as much detailed information as possible. If you want your venue added to the Toronto stand up comedy clubs calendar, please make sure you send us the following:
  1. The name of your stand up comedy night.
  2. The name of your location.
  3. The full address of your location: Street name, building number, city, postal code. We accept locations to this calendar in Toronto and all the near surrounding areas (ie. Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, etc.)
  4. The day or days of the week your stand up comedy night takes place on. If your event is monthly please make sure to include which day of the month it falls on. Eg. the first Saturday only, the third Friday, etc.
  5. The start and end times of your stand up comedy.
  6. Any additional information. If it's open mic, closed, how to book, who to contact, etc.
That is it! We hope you enjoy stand up comedy in any of Toronto's finest clubs and establishments!

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